How Parents Can Instill Honor in a Child's Heart

Honor is a person's moral thumbprint. It is what determines an individual's character. Instilling honor in a child's heart is not as easy as teaching your children what is right and what is wrong.

With the widespread of moral breakdown in today's society, it is becoming harder for parents to educate children on the importance of honor.  There are many things that determine a person's moral value; however, for the purposes of this discussion look at the three most important values:

  1. Honesty - Impress upon your child the value of being truthful.  This will become easy if you let them verbalize how they feel.  Keeping communication lines open among the family will allow this to happen without difficulty.  However, as parents, you should be prepared to hear whatever your child will say and control your emotions. Being upset is not going to help but will instead make your child say only the things you want to hear or worse, tell a lie in order not to disappoint you.  Direct confrontation is also not a good choice in fostering truthfulness in a child.  Avoid situations where it will be easier for your child to lie rather than tell the truth.  Honesty will go a long way in building up your child's moral character.
  2. Respect - The best way to teach respect is to explain the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." As your child absorbs this principle, he will learn to give high regard to people because he would want to be treated the same. This will definitely encompass their respect for elderly people, respect in authority, and especially respect for their parents.  Respecting others will instill self-respect, regardless of peer pressure; a child with self-respect will carefully select his preferences knowing that whatever choice he makes will greatly impact him and his family. Such good behavior will gravitate toward an honorable quality of life.
  3. Integrity - This is doing the right thing even if no one is looking. If your child learns to always be fair in dealing with other people, it will help him go a long way especially when it is time for him to have his own job. Being fair and just is truly an honorable thing.

We always expect our children to do what we tell them to--it is never easy. The best way is still to present yourselves as proper role models to them.  Remember that your children look up to you, if you practice an honorable life, it will be much easier for you to inculcate an upright way of life.  As parents, you set the tone of what is an acceptable behavior and this is what will guide your children as they grow up.

Communicating with your children will make it easier for you to instill honor. It will make them aware that you will be there to guide them in facing life's challenges.  Teaching honor molds a child's heart and will greatly influence his future.


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