How To Accessorize Your Wedding Dress

You spend hours picking out the perfect dress and now its time to accessorize!  Picking out accessories to add to your wedding day ensemble should not be as painstaking or take as much time as choosing the dress itself. In fact, it really is quite simple.

First, take a look at your dress.  Is it full of stunning detail you can’t wait to show off? Or is it simple and chic?  If your dress is what you want people to notice, it is important not to overdo it and distract with your accessories.  Keep your necklace, earrings, and bracelets to a minimum and as simple as you can get away with; perhaps a simple chain or string of pearls will do the trick.  When it comes to picking shoes to go with your steal-the-show dress it’s really up to you.  Do you want your shoes to compliment your dress and be equally as striking?  Another factor to keep in mind is whether or not your shoes will even show.  When accessorizing your hair to compliment your detailed dress keep it simple.  You want people to notice all the natural beauty of your hair and not all the pins or decorations you have in it; this too can draw attention away from your dress.

Now, if you are the simple and chic bride, with a sleek basic gown, you have a little more room for playing with your accessories.  Using bigger jewelry that makes a statement can be an ideal complement to you and your dress.  Picking out one piece that is especially eye-catching is the safest way to go; such as, a necklace with a big flower pendant or long chandelier earrings.  Any more than one attention-grabbing piece can make your look gaudy and cluttered.  When it comes to shoes, feel free to go all out or keep it simple if you would like.  Shoes, with any dress, are really your own personal statement and don not usually ruin the overall style of your look.  With a plain dress, your hair needs to be simple to match.  If you decide to add accessorizes consider a clip with a few rhinestones or possibly a simple headband.

Topping things off, do you want a veil or not?  This is a decision you want to make when you are trying on your dress.  It is essential to try all veil styles on with your dress before you make a final decision.  Try all lengths.  Also try simple one-layer veils and multi-layer poufy ones.  Veils are also available in different fabrics and may include with rhinestones or embroidery.  If you have a specific hair style in mind, ditch the veil.  Just keep it simple and be personally satisfied with your overall wedding day ensemble.


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