How To Achieve a Happy and Healthy Relationship

A relationship that is solidly built on love is destined to last for a very long time. However, it is a partnership wherein both people need to share in each and every aspect of the relationship to make it work. No one person can do this on his own. Oftentimes, the effort exerted may seem too much to handle and one or both partners may give up leading to a deteriorating of the bond that ties two people together. The answers may not as complex as they appear to be. Here are a few words of advice for couples who look forward to a happy, lasting relationship:

  • The most important question you should ask yourself is whether you really love the person you are with or not. It is pointless to carry on if you have any doubts about this. When you really love someone, you are willing to do things that will make this person happy. He has to be worth changing for. There may be certain aspects of your personality that are not good for the relationship. Your readiness to make necessary changes greatly depends on just how much you really love this person.
  • Respect, loyalty, and honesty are essential factors in maintaining a healthy relationship. Lose one of these and your relationship is doomed to fail. In fact, these three traits go hand in hand. Consider this. When you respect someone, you would not want that person to lose trust in you. Being dishonest only means that you do not respect the person enough to gain his trust. It also follows that you remain loyal to this person when you are honest. Infidelity is definitely a dishonest act and shows your lack of respect and loyalty to your partner.
  • Learn how to communicate with each other. A lot of times, people tend to keep feelings bottled up inside them for fear of hurting the other person. This manner of thinking does not only hurt you, but your partner as well. You could actually get sick when you keep things that bother you to yourself. Eventually, these feelings will have to emerge and could be all blown out of proportion from all that build up inside you. As for your partner, it would be so unfair for him not to know what you may hold against him, and may even be surprised if you blurt a million things you dislike all in one day. Set things straight immediately if you feel that something could negatively affect your relationship and be able to accept certain things your partner may have to say about you too. Never sleep on a quarrel. It doesn't solve anything.
  • Keep those flames of passion burning no matter how long you have been together. Remember what made you fall in love with each other in the first place. Do not allow your relationship to go stale. Try to come up with ways to add a little more excitement to your life together. Go out on dates like you used to, take long trips together, or simply spend time cuddling with each other at the end of a long day. These simple things go a long way in keeping each other happy and contented.

A happy and healthy relationship can only be maintained where love exists.  It is the firm foundation that holds people together. Stay in love and everything else follows.


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