How To Act and Not Act on a First Date

First dates are crucial for both men and women. But some men can be quite clueless on how to behave during the first date and end up ruining their chances of getting a second date. If you are one of these men, then please read on the following do's and don'ts on a first date.

The Do's:

Do look nice. Of course, you want to be yourself. But don't show up in shorts and a grungy t-shirt. At least wear your best jeans and a nice shirt. Make sure to brush your teeth and to smell nice.

Do act like a gentleman. Open the door for her and pull out her chair for her to sit. Ask her to order first. Keep in mind that being a gentleman never goes out of style.

Do ask questions. Start your conversation by asking the first question. Listen to her answers because you will get your next questions from her answer. Girls love to talk about themselves and asking questions makes them think that you are really interested in knowing them.

Pay attention to the girl you are with. This goes without saying. Do not think about the mountain of work piled on your desk, the leaking faucet in your bathroom, or your dog being with your neighbor. No matter how good an actor you are, the girl will know that you are preoccupied with something other than finding ways to charm her and get a second date.

Do pay for the bill. Never split the bill even if your date insists. This is the mark of a true gentleman. Besides, you should never go on a date if you don't have the money to pay for it. If you are on a budget, do not even ask the girl where she wants to go because she might choose an expensive place. Take charge of the date and say "I know this perfect place..." Girls tend to like men who act in charge.

Do compliment her. Flattery will get you everywhere, especially on a first date. But don't be too obvious. Compliment others, too.

The Don'ts:

Do not take her out to dinner on your first date. Take her to a bar instead and get a couple's drink. The laid-back atmosphere of the bar will break the ice and help both of you to relax. Another advantage is that a date in the bar does not last as long and it will be easier to end the date if it does not turn out well.

Don't drink too much. This is a big NO-NO. First of all, you do not want to make the impression that you always drink too much. Second, you do not want the girl to be driving you home at the end of the date. Third, you do not want to puke or fall asleep while on a date, no matter how cool your date is.

Don't use your phone to call or text during dinner. Essentially, a date is all about the girl. Answering calls from your friends or co-workers during the middle of date wrecks the romantic mood you have created. Texting someone while you're having drinks or dinner makes the girl think that you are keeping something from her and that is why you'd rather text than talk on the phone.

Do not talk about yourself too much. Again, a date is all about the girl. If a girl asks you questions, keep your answers as simple and brief as possible. Do not brag about your education, your accomplishments or your family heritage.

Do not stare another girl or flirt with the wait staff. Do you need further explanation?  Let's hope not. 

Do not talk about your ex-girlfriends. Many men think that if they tell their date about their last heartbreak, then they are showing how sensitive they can be. Well, it does. But it also makes the girl wonder if there is something wrong with you that made your ex-girlfriends look the other way.


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