How To Act Like a Lady at Prom

Prom night arrives with the glitter of lights and excitement, so how can a young girl act like a lady at the prom? This is a rite of passage between being a child and the introduction to the adult world for many young ladies. Prom is one of the first formal functions where a girl has to act like a lady. While some girls feel nervous that they will not know how to act like a lady, once they have gotten ready for the night, the transformation comes naturally. There are some guidelines to acting like a lady at the prom which teenage girls need to remember.

  1. Many of the students attending prom night have known each other for years. They have advanced one grade to the next as a group. A teenage girl wanting to act like a lady will have to remember to mind her manners and be on guard and not let the childish behaviors take over during the night. Sticking out of tongues or stomping on feet, is something one does in grade school - not at a prom.
  2. If you want to be treated like a lady at the prom, you need to act like a lady. This includes letting your escort open your car door or pull out your seat for you. Although many young ladies are independent today, there are small ways to practice being a lady.
  3. Don't sit slumped over in your chair. When sitting down remember you are a lady at the prom and not sitting in the classroom. For a fact you can practice sitting straight while in the classroom before your prom night.
  4. When dancing, remember this is a formal occasion and dance accordingly. Leave the suggestive dancing for another occasion where suggestive dancing is appropriate. Acting like a lady at the prom doesn't include the moves we see girls displaying which include questionable overtones.
  5. Watch how you speak during the night. There is a saying that "many people are beautiful until they open their mouths." It means, the way these people speak makes them unattractive. Avoid using curse words, making snide derogatory remarks, steer clear of gossip and dramatic behavior, as this is not how to act like lady at the prom.
  6. Treat yourself with respect. A lady at the prom would respect herself and be aware of her behavior. Displaying respect for yourself and others will get you respect in return. Smile and greet others with compliments. Act like a lady at your prom as this is your night to shine.

Prom night is the time to transform yourself into a lady. By enhancing your positive behaviors and practicing ladylike qualities you admire in other women, you will have fun plus truly be a lady at your prom.


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