How To Act on a Blind Date

While going on a blind date may be a nerve-wracking experience, not knowing how your date looks and acts can also create feelings of fun and excitement.  Whether your blind date was suggested by mutual friends or you met your date online, you want to be sure that you dress and act appropriately on your date.  But with all the anxiety that can build up, just how are you supposed to act on a blind date?

  1. You will first want to talk with your date either by phone or Internet.  It will give the both of you a chance to connect and discuss some of the things you have in common.  Also decide on where you want to go for your blind date and stick to activities that are fun and carefree.  Some great ideas include miniature golf, a sporting event, the movies, or an amusement park.  Since you don't know your blind date that well, it's best to save the more romantic and intimate dates for later.
  2. If possible, exchange photos of yourselves before going on the blind date.  This will help you know how to identify your date when you meet up in person.  When it's time to go on your blind date, make sure you go into the experience with a positive attitude.  Too often, people feel forced to go on blind dates because they are arranged by friends.  Instead, go on a blind date because you want to be excited about the experience.
  3. If you're not exactly sure of how to act on a blind date, remember that it's important to be cordial.  You want to show your date that you are a friendly and approachable person.  Be polite and use your manners often; these small actions show that you recognize your date's actions.
  4. Be sure to engage in eye contact when your date is talking to you.  Ask questions and try to keep the conversation flowing.  Don't be afraid to share your own experiences as well, but make sure that you don't talk about yourself too much out of nervousness.  Have some backup topics on hand in case the conversation dies down.
  5. When on your blind date, give compliments when you can.  This is not only polite and well-mannered, but it will also help your date to relax and feel more confident.  Also be sure to smile often.  Smiling is a natural way to enhance your inner beauty and shows your date that you are having fun.

Finally, knowing who pays on a blind date can be hard, but this can certainly leave an impression.  Guys should pay for the blind date, since it is the first date.  If the relationship leads to more, the girl can pick up a few tabs as well or split the bill.


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