How To Add a Stroller Buggy Board

Having two lovely babies is fascinating. But one of the challenges you will face is when you have to carry your little 8-month old while taking care of your 3-year-old. Thanks to the buggy board, however, facing up to the challenge can easily be done.
Buggy Board or Buggy Stroller?

Some people call the buggy board by the name of stroller board, buggy stroller, kiddy board, or buggy seat. One of the most popular brands when it comes to the buggy is the Lascal. This is why the Lascal board can be found almost everywhere. With a stroller board, your three-year-old or older kid can enjoy strolling the mall with his baby brother, who conveniently has his own space in the stroller. Even better, simply getting on board and being strolled around the lot can be so much fun for your kids. On your part, regular tasks such as walking around the neighborhood or purchasing grocery can be easier – even if you bring your little ones along.

How to Add a Buggy Board to the Stroller

You do not have to buy a new stroller just to enjoy a buggy board. You just need to buy a separate kiddy board and add this to your old stroller. Just make sure that the buggy board you buy will fit to the stroller because most of the time, only buggy board brands that match your stroller’s brand will fit. But there are brands like the Lascal board that can fit on most strollers. Once you have the buggy board, your next concern will be how to add it to your stroller. The difficulty of adding a kiddy board depends upon the brand.

Attaching the “Kiddy Board”

This board is distinct because of its center connectors. It is also one of the easiest to attach. Here are the steps for you to follow.

  1. Three separate parts compose a kiddy board. The board and the two connectors — one connector is installed to the stroller and the other serves as the connector for the kiddy board.
  2. Insert the “middle” connector to the board. You can adjust its length and height using the knob at the center of the board.
  3. Install the connector to the stroller. This device is a small box-like figure that you can put around a bar which connects the two rear gears of the stroller. Make sure that the receiving point of the device is ready to lock into the “middle” connector.

Attaching the Basic Buggy Board

The usual buggy board has two arm-like structures that connect the buggy board to the stroller’s connectors.

  1. Install the ring-like connector of the buggy board to the stroller. Each side of the stroller should have one of these.
  2. Install the arm-like structures to the buggy board as instructed in the manual. The arms can be adjusted so it can reach the rings no matter how wide the distance between the ring-like objects is.
  3. Each arm-like structure has a tube that makes it simple to attach to the ring-like structure. Just push the small tube down to the ring-like object’s lock and make some adjustments. After, your buggy board will be ready for use.

It is advisable to refer to your buggy board’s manual for further instructions. You can also watch video instructions such as the Lascal’s buggy board video information found on the web. With these easy steps, you can start strolling in style with your tiny tots in no time.


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