How To Add Romance to a Long-Distance Relationship

Adding romance to a long-distance relationship might prove trying at first, but with a little imagination romance can blossom even from thousands of miles away.

Send Unexpected Gifts

Everyone loves to receive gifts - even guys enjoy this kind of thing. I'm not talking about a cheese gift basket, or a necklace - unless your loved one is really into that. Personalized gifts mean more than gifts given with little thought or consideration. For example, if you are dating a girl who likes to keep a journal, send her a new journal with a personalized cover. If you are dating a guy who is a big football fanatic, send him an autographed jersey.

Call in the Morning

Add romance to a long-distance relationship by making a call every morning. Be sure to keep time variances in mind. What is morning for him or her, may very well be midnight or noon for you. Let your mate know you are thinking about him or her.

Have a Date Night

Pick one night a month to set a time and place for a date night. While you are visiting your favorite restaurant, he could go to his; let the phone be your medium. You can eat together, toast together, and talk about the happenings of the day.

If you are on a budget, and would prefer a date indoors, rent a movie. The two of you could synchronize what you are watching.

You could also add romance to a long-distance relationship by having a bubble bath together after your date, via speaker phone of course. Then you can whisper those sweet nothings you would prefer no one else hear.

Experience the Joy of PhotoShop

PhotoShop, or programs like it, offer great opportunity - and not just for stalkers. Take pictures of yourself out on the town, or even at home, and PhotoShop the love of your life by your side. Then send your most perfected photos to him or her in a personalized frame. This might seem a bit odd for some, but it's still nice - and fun! And if you would like to expand on the first set of pictures, start a scrapbook, but keep it for yourself.

Call at Night

A better phrase would be to 'call at bedtime'. Once again, time variances apply here as well. Just let your mate know you love him and are thinking about him. The simplest way to add romance to your long-distance relationship is by staying connected.


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