How To Affair-Proof Your Relationship

The Best Ways to Strengthen your Relationship

Relationships can be difficult at best. I have put together the top ways of how you can affair-proof your relationship to help prevent infidelity.

  1. Put positive effort into your relationship daily. It doesn't matter if you gave your partner an extra hug or put the dishes away; the fact that you are doing something small to show you care on a regular basis can make all the difference and may stop him from seeking attention elsewhere.
  2. Develop common interests and hobbies. If you and your partner are always spending time apart doing the activities you enjoy separately, there is a higher chance he may meet someone who enjoys doing the same activities he does.
  3. Don't let yourself go physically. Exercise and eat well not only for yourself, but for your partner. If you quit trying just because you have become comfortable, your spouse will resent you for being lazy and be more likely to be attracted to someone else who values her self worth more.
  4. Travel together whenever possible. The old saying, "when the cat's away, the mouse will play" rings very true. Don't put yourself in situations where you are more likely to cheat such as going on solo vacations or going to a restaurant or bar alone.
  5. Learn how to argue. Learning how to argue in a constructive manner is a necessity in any relationship. If your partner is a hothead, create a code word that reminds him to go for a walk to cool down. If the communication bridge closes down in your relationship, your partner may seek solace elsewhere.
  6. Stay sexually creative. It takes effort to keep the fire lit in the bedroom after you've been together for a while. Be adventurous and think outside the box. As long as you are both comfortable with it, there's no harm done. Couples who have a happy sex life are much less likely to cheat.

Infidelity can touch the lives of any couple and none are immune. However, by using some of the above techniques, you can increase your chances of living happily ever after.


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