How To Answer Email for a Dating Website

Nowadays, people sign up for a dating website to search for a partner. They consider this as their first step to meet somebody new, someone that attracts their interest. If you are looking for a partner right now, why not try to sign up in any dating website. You will know the efficiency of this method if someone has E-mailed you. Answering that first e-mail message is vital to realize a possible personal date and to have a promising partner in life. Learn the tips to create a positive first impression in answering e-mail for a dating website.

  • Personalize your response. Read and understand her profile before you reply. Mention in your e-mail the things you like about her, things you have in common, and other personal stuff you still want to know about her. This will make a good impression that you are really interested about her.
  • Be consistent with your tone. The tone of your response should follow the received message’s tone. For example if the message was short, do not reply with your entire biography. Instead, a simple and quick “Hi” will do to acknowledge the received message. Then, immediately ask her a minimum of two questions to start a conversation.  If in case, you received questions in the e-mail, answer them directly and ask your own questions too.
  • Be discreet. Be safe by not giving out personal information like your last name or home address. Also, be sure you don’t disclose any detail identifying where you hang-out or where you work.
  • Be more interesting by not being too truthful. Don’t mention about your working or watching TV all day long. Instead say things you really like to do whenever you are free or things you want to pursue if given a chance. Mention if you love movies or books, or if you have pets, or any hobby you are active with. Your goal is not to write something exceptional or unusual but to show how real and interesting you are as a person.
  • Make your tone as neutral as possible. Never sound like a business man selling a product to a client nor appear desperate or immature. Check your spelling and grammar and avoid using “text talk.” This makes your answers more polished and refined.
  • Be sure to reply as soon as you can. Don’t make her wait for too long after she has sent you a message. Chances are she will or she has already made contact to other people if you don’t immediately respond.
  • Make it short but sweet. Yes, you need to make an impression that you are interested about her but it will also be effective if you leave out just enough information to make her want you more. Show that you are really interested but do not sound too desperate.
  • Don’t pretend interest. Once you look at her profile and you find her not attractive or you have no common interests, send her a quick “no thanks” note or simply ignore her message.              

These tips can serve as your general guideline but they are not rules of thumb. You can always have better and unique ideas. In the meantime you can start following the above tips to successfully answer E-mail for a dating website.


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