How To Apply a Hip Sling

The Hip Sling is a popular way to transport babies without the hassle and torture of large strollers and baby gear that does not fit anywhere. A hip sling supports the baby while comforting it, and it frees your hands to do other important things. It is also more ergonomically kinder to the body, as the baby's weight is more balanced around your body. It offers a great opportunity for breastfeeding moms as well for comfort and privacy.

In selecting you hip sling, there are some considerations. In selecting your hip sling, make sure to try it on with the baby. Every manufacturer has specific sizing for every product, so do not assume the largest one is the best fit. It would be good to do some research and competitively shop for the one that suits you and your baby. At first the baby may resist the idea of being in a hip sling. It will be good to do an hour or so every day with the child until he or she becomes comfortable. Generally, most children like the closeness and will acclimate to the sling without much resistance.

For the do-it-yourself-er. one can be made using sturdy fabric such as poplin or twill, measured thirty inches by one hundred inches. Using several aluminum D-rings, simply slide one between the tails of the fabric and hook it into the other D-ring at the end. This makes the sling totally adjustable and comfortable for the baby. Also, making your own hip sling will give you endless options to make them in different fabrics and even matching diaper bags, and other baby accessories.

When adjusting the hip sling, make sure that the baby is balanced and sitting comfortably on one hip. The baby should be sitting on the hip bone comfortably, and there should not be any pain involved. If there is pain, then it may be the hip sling is too snug, or the whole concept may not be right for you. Again, the hip sling should be comfortable for you and the baby.

Remember that the hip sling is an apparatus that allows you movement and freedom while carrying your child, but it still has restrictions. You should not cook, run or play athletic sports while carrying your child in a hip sling. Driving is also not good as well. The hip sling is temporary transportation only.

Finally, when removing the child from the hip sling, make certain to loosen one side at a time, keeping one hand on the child at all times. Once the sling ties are loosened,  place the child in a safe spot and then remove the hip sling. Observing safety will make wearing the hip sling a wonderful experience for you and baby.


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