How To Apply for Divorce

Divorce is a very emotional process. Many divorce procedures tend to end up badly because of miscommunication between the couple filing for it. Another factor is the lawyers who act as mediators between the couple who are filing for a divorce. If you and your spouse feel that you are better off without each other, the best thing you could do is to file for a divorce. If you have no children yet, you can undergo divorce procedures without hiring a lawyer.

Here are the steps that you should take if you want to apply for divorce:

  • Talk to your would-be ex. Set a time and a place where you can discuss the possibility of a divorce. This could give both of you the grace period that you need to evaluate your marital situation. Try to decide if you can still work your relationship out.
  • File for uncontested divorce. If you both arrived at a mutual decision to undergo a divorce, discuss your options. Make a compromise about your financial situation. Make an agreement to cooperate civilly through the entire process. Agree on filing for an uncontested divorce.
  • Put it down in paper. Go online and search for a website that has the license to mediate the divorce procedure. Register for an online divorce. Both of you will have to go through the entire divorce procedure.
  • Undergo the interrogation. After filing the divorce, you both have to answer the questionnaire that the website will give you. This contains the questions that lawyers usually ask when you file for a divorce. You will both have the same set of questions. Read each question carefully to make sure you understood it well. Answer the questionnaire as truthfully as you can. Verify your answers before you submit the questionnaire.
  • Complete rest of the divorce procedure. After submitting the questionnaire, the website will give you a set of instructions. It will also give you a list of documents that you have to compile. You will also receive information about the designated judge and the divorce office that will handle your divorce. Try to find out the location of the divorce office given to you.
  • Prepare the paper works. Prepare all of the documents that you need for the divorce procedure. Check the documents if all the information are true. This will make the procedure faster.
  • Mail the rest of the requirements. Before mailing your documents to the designated divorce office, re-evaluate them to make sure they are complete. Check the validity of the information they contain. Submit the paper works to the designated judge assigned to you. Wait for the judge to decide if you both need to appear before the court.
  • Pay for the divorce. You can pay for the divorce through your visa or credit card. The price will depend on the location of your divorce office.
  • Sign the divorce papers. Sign the divorce papers that the divorce office will serve you. Send them back to the divorce office. The divorce office will send the approval of your divorce through mail.

A divorce puts an end to a marriage. This should be abrupt and less troublesome as possible. If you follow these steps, you are sure to sign the divorce papers without any of the drama that usually comes with this procedure.


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