How To Apply The Secret Law of Attraction

It is not often when the secrets to success are made available for everyone. More often than not, the formula for success is kept hidden away and given to a chosen few to give them an advantage in life and everything in it. So when a bestselling book like "The Secret" offers to reveal the secrets of life to everyone it is a generous gift indeed.

A brief history of the book: The Secret was inspired by another book written by Wallace Wattles named “The Science of Getting Rich” while not as new-age, both books center around the idea of positivity and visualization to help you attain your goals.

Think positive. Before going to the steps, it is important to state that everything hinges upon positive energy. Simple duality states that for every positive there is a negative and just as positive energy is abundant, so is negative energy. Positive energy must rise above negativity. It is easy to allow negativity into your life, to be discouraged, frustrated and angry but you must resist this. Always focus on the positive. We cannot stress how important the role of positivity is to your successes.

Positive traits. Be grateful and patient. These are the traits that draw positive energy to yourself. Always remember that like attracts like if you exhibit positive traits, positive energy will be drawn to you.

The Universe hears. It is also important to truly believe that the Universe isn’t a vast emptiness in outer space but a living, benevolent presence. Call it God, Buddha, Karma, Kismet or Fate whatever you decide to label it as, you must see it as something you can offer up positivity to in exchange for the things you desire. For this article we will be referring to it as The Universe. And it is one big positive energy magnet, the more positive energy you send the more you will receive in the form of your desire. The Universe provides.

  • Clarity. The first step is very easy as all you have to think about is what you want. Your desires must be clear in your head. You must be convinced that what you want is truly what you desire. With that image crystal clear in your mind, you must focus upon it. If it helps to write it down, do so! Be sure you write everything down in detail as to clear up any ambiguity in your mind. As you concentrate on your desire, you send positive energy towards it. And the Universe will always respond to positivity.
  • Visualize. Next step is to see it. See yourself receiving what you want. See the Universe giving you whatever it is you most desire and feel your gratitude towards it. The more positive emotion you can visualize around your goal the more inclined the Universe will be to bestowing it upon you.
  • Receive. Believe it or not but the third step is the hardest one to achieve. It sounds easy enough to receive something, but to be truly receptive on a subconscious level is another matter altogether. Act like you already received it. The Universe will find a way to bring it to you and all you have to do is to open your arms to welcome it. Have faith that you will be given what you want. Be expectant then be grateful.

Follow these three steps for all the things you wish to attract to yourself. Be sure to expect your desires, visualize it, send positive energy towards it, practice it everyday and be thankful. If you do all of that then the Universe will provide.


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