How To Approach Men

Are you the timid type? Or maybe you are getting back into the social scene after a long break and have forgotten how to approach men. If you want to learn to approach men you can follow these steps.

  1. Make eye contact. Once you spy a guy who sparks your interest, you want to get his in return. Do so by making eye contact across the room or across the table. Hold the contact for a few seconds then move on. You don't want to push or make the guy think you are staring or stalking him.
  2. Walk confidently. If you are making the approach you need to do so with confidence. Hold your head high instead of looking at your shoes. If you are nervous and tentative, it will show. Instead tell yourself that the worst that can happen is the guy won't be interested and you can move on to the next. Know your own worth and walk confidently toward the man you want to approach.
  3. Smile. Make certain your smile is warm and makes you as approachable as the man you are approaching. Put on your friendly face.
  4. Don't interrupt. When approaching a man consider what he is doing before you head his way. If his is partaking in a heated conversation with friends about a recent basketball game, now is not the time to approach. The same is true if he is in the process of planning his own approach with another woman. Don't interrupt or you won't be able to catch and hold his attention.
  5. Say hello. A simple hi or hello is often the best way to begin. Once you have caught his eye and attention then take the plunge and say hello. It may seem like the most difficult step but the man isn't going to bite or scream at you to get away. Whatever your worst fear is, it is extremely unlikely. So say hello.
  6. Flirt. If the man is at all receptive, he will shift his attention, his focus and maybe even his posture in your direction. Once that occurs, you have the signal you need to know that you can flirt. He is interested enough to chat with you at this point. What happens next and your flirting will determine if he wants to get to know you better.
  7. Practice often. Being confident enough to approach a guy takes practice. You might not be able to accomplish the feat your first night out. But if you practice these steps a few weekends in a row you will become more confident and become able to approach men whenever you feel an interest.

Once upon a time it was unheard of for a woman to approach a man. Today women have equal opportunity in the dating game. So get out there and follow these steps to approach any man who strikes your interest.


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