How To Arrange Pageant Style Bridal Bouquets

Flowers are the most visible decorations during weddings. They are always visible in abundance. Maybe because they are symbols of love and life. Each color, each petal texture, each size, and shape is somewhat significant to weddings and the emotions flowing during such a most celebrated occasion.

On her wedding day, the bride might also want to feel like winning a pageant. She does not necessarily have to own a title, or have a crown on her head as she walks down the aisle. Aside from her price–-her prince charming--all she needs is a pageant bridal bouquet to feel like a beauty queen on her wedding day.

If you want to arrange a pageant-style bridal bouquet, here are some tips.

  • Of course, the first step of making the bouquet is choosing a long-stemmed flower that would suit your taste and budget. Since the stems would be visible in this style, you might want to make sure that those of the flowers you pick are sturdy and clean, yet still would appear classy.
  • For the bride to avoid some cuts, remove the thorns or protruding parts of the stem. If you want to make it more edgy, you can probably leave some rough parts. Just make sure it would not hurt the bride.
  • Also, it is better to estimate the arm length of the person who will be carrying the bouquet. If you have not done this beforehand, allow the stem to be at its maximum so that there will be some allowance for some adjustments to fit to the orders of the bride.
  • Begin making the arrangement with flowers which have small petals. This is to make sure that the small-sized petals on the flowers will be noticed. Placing it on top will avoid removal of the petals. Add more flowers with varying colors, petal sizes and shape.
  • Slowly arrange the bunch by holding it with the non-dominating hand. Let the dominating hand adjust the placement of each stem and add more if necessary. Form a bouquet with a blend of soft tones that would match the delicate beauty of the bride. Do this until a triangle form is made or if you deem that the number of long-stemmed flowers is already enough for the bride to carry.
  • Do not make it too crowded, as pageant bridal bouquets are meant to be minimal most of the time. Since the elegance would lie on the stems, there is no need of putting volume on the petals.
  • Wrap the arrangement by tying the middle part with a florist wire. Tie it neatly and with a style that would complete the over-all beauty of the bouquet. Also, tie it in a way that it would not be distracting. You can add some more stems if you would want to after tying it too.

Pageant style bouquets are sometimes called presentation bouquets. Their highlights are the long stems of the flowers resting on the bride’s arms, making it a pageant perfect picture. Brides choose this type because it is more comfortable to carry around. The long stems would allow the bride to cradle the bouquet in her arms as if she just won a pageant. The position is similar to cradling a baby, too. Flowers used are the likes of Calla Lilies, Lisianthus, Delphinium, French tulip, Tuberose and the ordinary roses. Their assets are the elegantly slender stems that make them perfect for the arrangement.


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