How To Ask a Classmate for a Date

To some it is easy to ask a classmate for a date, while to others it could be tormenting as hell. But whether you belong to the former or latter type, there are certain standards and strategies to follow in seeking a date with a classmate.

The initial path to a date with a classmate is friendship. Yes, the "for the win" friendship approach is the classic, tested and most effective move in winning the ‘nod' from your love interest to go with you for a date.

To befriend your classmate, you need to take these steps:

  1. First, create an opportunity for you to sit together in class. You may request your professor to let you sit beside her, with an excuse that you are farsighted (if your classmate is sitting at the back) or nearsighted (if he or she sits in front). Sitting together every class hour will no doubt bring you close together, what with the physical proximity to each other plus the possibility of striking up a conversation with her anytime.
  2. Second, study hard not just to get good grades but also to command the person's attention and to impress her.
  3. Third, engage in an intelligent conversation. Gradually, this intelligent conversation may in effect bring you closer together, so much so that your discussion may be carried over even after classes are through.

As your friendship blooms, you may want to take another step forward by asking her about personal interests, hobbies or sports preference. If she says basketball is her thing, then jump in the arena and ask her to go with you for a game during the weekend. Of course the game is not officially the date per se, but just a bonding time when you can both share each other's common interests. But for sure this will be the start of something more beautiful, and which you highly anticipate--the date.

Now that you have become good friends, make it a point that you chance upon your classmate in the lobby, library or cafeteria. Constant company will be your clear passport to a date. You can even spot where she usually hangs out, and try to surprise her by popping out from behind when she least expects it. Girls usually love it when they are pleasantly caught by surprise. Also, don't be shy in showing your interest in her. Be expressive. While sitting together in class, very discreetly slip a note under her desk, then look at her with a charming smile on your face.

Humor is one fool-proof way of endearing yourself to your classmate. Share private jokes together and make it a point to mention these jokes outside the classroom for a more intimate effect.

When you are very sure you and your classmate have reached that closeness to the point that she feels comfortable having you around, that's the perfect time to ask for a date. At this instant, a "yes" answer is one hundred percent guaranteed.


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