How To Ask a Guy to Prom

For every high school student one of the best times of the year is prom.  Prom is usually a few weeks before school ends and everyone is not only excited about school being done, but they also get one last chance during the school year to party with their friends.  All the girls get to pick out nice dresses, the guys get their tuxedos and most people get a limousine for transportation.  It is a great time that everyone should get to experience.  Traditionally a guy asks a girl to prom, but this article is for those girls who want to take the initiative and ask a guy to go to their prom.

Step 1

Pick the person.  This seems quite obvious, but you are going to need to choose one guy to ask to prom. The difficult part is making sure the guy you want to ask to prom is still available.  Be sure to do some research and make sure he is not planning on asking someone else to prom.  This will help you avoid some embarrassment.  Possibly the guy you are interested in is also interested in you and in that case, you will need to ask him before he plans on asking her.  Bottom line is be sure you are comfortable with the person you are asking, then go ahead with the invitation.

Step 2

Practice.  Since you are going against the grain and asking the guy to prom, you might want to practice what you are going to say.  This will help you be more confident when you do ask him and avoid any stuttering or nervousness.

Step 3

Think of something creative.  Once you have someone who you want to ask to prom, you can get creative with how you ask him.  There are so many fun ways to ask someone to prom.  You can send them notes that have clues as to who is asking them.  Since there are so many different things you can do, think of something fun that will get him excited to attend prom with you.

Step 4

Ask.  Now that you are comfortable with asking your date, you need to just go ahead and ask him.  Even though you are going to be completely nervous about it, that is okay.  Stay confident and show him that you really want to go to prom with him.

If you are a girl, do things differently this year and ask him to prom.

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