How To Ask a Man on a Date

Traditionally the invitation for a date comes from the male of the species. For centuries the guys have been stuck with the burden of sweaty palms and nervous stomachs any time they approach a woman they are interested in. If you've ever tried to ask a man on a date you probably have sympathy for the effort they go through. Try to ease some of your nerves by following these steps to prepare to ask a man on a date.

  1. Plan your approach. Since men are expected to be the aggressors when it comes to dating, some men might be put off by a woman who makes the moves. Reduce the chances of this happening by knowing if the guy is interested in you and in getting hit on by a woman. Then plan your approach so that he is alone. Asking a man out in front of his friends may hinder you from getting the answer you are hoping for. Don't put him on the spot. Instead plan the approach so he is on his own and when he might be receptive to a date. If the man is a coworker, consider timing your break, lunch or exit at the end of the day to coincide with his so you can chat for a few moments.
  2. Read body language to gauge his interest. In most cases you won't be asking out a total stranger you have not information about. So pay attention to the time you have been together. Is the man of your interest a friend you know fairly well? Or is he a friend of a friend, coworker or online correspondent who you chat with on occasion? When you are chatting with him in person or via phone, pay attention to his language. Does he flirt with you? Does he watch you when you talk? Notice where his hands are and how he stands. These are both indicators of his interest. An interested man takes the chance to touch you in friendly ways, he leans toward you and stands casually when you are together.
  3. Find out what he likes. One great thing about asking a man on a date is that most guys are upfront about what they care about most. A simple glance at his casual wardrobe might indicate his favorite band, type of music, sports team or hobby. Use this information to entice the man to join you for the game or concert he would enjoy.
  4. Get his attention. When you make your approach, make certain the man of your interest is not distracted. If he's chasing another skirt or watching the game, it is not the right time to approach. Smile in his direction. Walk to him or sit next to him at a table over drinks. Once you have his attention focused upon you, you are ready to move forward.
  5. Make your move. The last step in asking a man out is to ask the question. Be direct in your question and make it simple. Something as clear as "Would you like to join me for dinner?" or "Will you go out with me?" expresses your interest without games.

Asking a man on a date can be nerve-wracking. By following these steps you can take a little tension out of your next approach.


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