How To Ask a Man Out

The world has changed since the time of our mothers and fathers. Before the world was simple. The guy was the guy and the girl was the girl. Now, the lines have blurred significantly. In today’s world, the women go to work and can be the breadwinners of the family. A woman can even join the army. Two women can raise a child together and many people would not even take a second look. If it is okay for a woman to do all these things, why would it be weird if a woman asks a guy out?

So if you see this cute guy and he seems interested, it is totally fine to ask the guy out. You don’t have to be shy about it. However, you do have to approach the guy in the right way. This is where we come in. These simple steps can be the start of a beautiful future with your Prince Charming.

  1. Location, location, and of course, location. Before you can ask a guy out, you need to be able to talk the person face to face. Of course, you can ask a guy out through a phone call or text, but it would be better to do it in person. You wouldn’t want to be asked on a date by a guy through SMS, if you were a girl. It only makes sense to treat him the same.
  2. Have a little confidence. One of the reasons you would resort to asking a guy out is if the guy just couldn’t muster up the courage to approach you. You wouldn’t forgive yourself if you let the opportunity pass by, all just because you were nervous. Approach him confidently and smile.
  3. Start slowly. It is best to break the ice first. Almost all conversations start out awkwardly but as things warm up, your conversation will run more smoothly. Talk about common interests and a common bond between the two of you. If he is a total stranger that you just find attractive, start with a low-key comment. You don’t want his head to swell up too much. Ask open-ended questions to get him to talk about himself.  Once both of you get on a roll, proceed to the next step.
  4. Connect. At this point, you need to build a connection with the guy. Try to maintain eye contact but don’t overdo it. You just want to see if he meets your eyes back. If he does, he is probably interested. Pique his interest even further by flirting a little bit. This is your advantage as a woman. Lightly touch his arm or suggestively touch yourself, not to the point of being dirty. Play with your hair. Touch your arm, that sort of stuff.
  5. Take the plunge. Okay. You have laid out all the vital groundwork. All that is left to do is to actually ask the guy out. Use the same confidence you gained to approach him. Do it yourself and be direct. It doesn’t pay to beat around the bush. If he says that he’ll think about it, it is better to tell him that you need the answer now. It is not like a guy asking a girl out--a girl asking a guy out needs a faster response.

This is what feminism is all about. The equality of the sexes has afforded you the opportunity to do what other guys take for granted. If they can do it, so can you. So embrace your right and ask out the next cute guy you see out there.


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