How To Ask a Woman Out by Phone

Asking a woman out can be intimidating even if you have the shield of the telephone between you. Before you make the attempt to call your ideal woman and ask her out, consider trying these steps. You might find yourself more capable of asking a woman out by phone.

  1. Relax. Take a breath, psyche yourself out of your nerves or tell yourself you don't really care if she says yes or not. Do whatever it takes to mentally relax before you make the phone call. Nerves are obvious on the phone and you may sound desperate to the woman if you don't have your nerves under control.
  2. Remember the good news. You already have her number so that first awkward introduction phase is over. The next step of asking her out will be less stressful than that first question of "Can I have your number?"
  3. Choose a good time. There may be no perfect time to call a woman to ask her out but there are several you should avoid. First thing in the morning few people are at their best. Don't expect to get a positive answer before she's had her first cup of coffee. Be sure to avoid calling too late at night as well. Women don't want to be woken up in the middle of the night just for an invitation to a date. Observe some respectful hours and call when she is least likely to be in the middle of something else (or worse, on a date with another guy).
  4. Have no expectations. You are less likely to be disappointed if you don't try to anticipate the woman's responses. If you practice the conversation in your head before you call, you will be disappointed when she doesn't follow your script. You might also stumble on your words when you are caught off guard by a response you didn't expect.
  5. Try the inclusion approach. Instead of asking directly for a date, consider offering her the chance to tag along with you somewhere. You might say "I'm going to see a movie this weekend, would you like to come with me?" instead of "I'd like to take you to the movies Friday night." You seem less desperate with the first option and you appear more interesting since you already have plans.
  6. Practice. The more experience you have asking women out, the more comfortable you will become. Try to get several numbers when you are out and meet interesting women. Then call them all and ask them out even if you don't think each of them is perfect for you. Just remember that you need the practice.

The telephone remains a great way to ask a woman out. If you want to keep this technique in your arsenal, follow these steps.


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