How To Ask for Non-Traditional Wedding Gifts

About to get married? Congratulations! Though a wedding will certainly call for much preparation and attention to details, of course a huge part of it is looking forward to great things ahead. There’s your new life in marital bliss and building a new future together with the love of your life. And of course, the wedding presents! As the bride or groom, of course you’d be the center of attention during your wedding day, and all your relatives and loved ones are all praying that you would have a great life ahead. It would certainly be to their pleasure to contribute towards your happiness during that day, so it’s not going to be hard job for you to request for particular gifts that would help you and your new husband or new wife get started on your new life together.

What if your particular interests are towards non-traditional wedding gifts? How would you ask your guests for such gifts? No problem! Here are some tips to help you out:

  1. Determine what your definition is of non-traditional wedding gifts. Some examples of these gifts could include donations to your choice of charity, gift certificates, and cash. You could create a wedding blog with pictures and information, and you could discreetly inform your guests of your choice of gifts within a page of your blog. If you would rather they contribute to your favorite charity instead of giving you material things, for example, you could include information and pictures of this charity and encourage them to help out. Include the address of your blog or website in the wedding invitation.
  2. Have a bridal registry. You don’t have to formally include this information in the wedding invitation (many etiquette experts decry this practice), but you could let your guests know of this subtly while you are confirming their attendance over the phone. It’s better if you have a friend do this confirmation for you, much like celebrities have their managers do all their messy negotiations for them. For example, your friend say things like, “By the way, if you’re wondering what present to give them, you could consult their bridal registry; they’re registered at ---. Just to help you out.” Subtlety is key. 
  3. Or you could indicate this information in a small piece of card enclosed within the wedding invitation. The important thing here is to phrase this request tastefully and indirectly. For example: if you would need cash because you and your soon-to-be spouse are moving to a different state to establish a new home there, you could phrase your request as such: “We are soon to be moving to (the state); well-wishers are welcome to help us embark in our new life together.” This request may be accompanied by a picture of the two of you looking towards the horizon, at the rising sun.

There you have it! These are just some easy ways to ask for non-traditional wedding gifts. Of course, it’s still very important that you appreciate whatever gift your guests will give you, and to send them a thank you letter to let them know of your appreciation. Good luck, and here’s to a happy wedding and an even happier marriage!


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