How To Ask Someone to Prom Romantically

The prom! It’s no wonder that there are so many movies and stories that have the high school prom as a setting of the central plot or the culmination of the story line. Living in the 21st century, which is defined by busyness, progress and stark efficiency, just one night of pure romance enables us to live out the fairy tale dream that most of us secretly long for.

If you have already experienced having your prom night in school, it’s probably an event that you look back to time and again, whether this reminiscing be filled with joy and fondness, embarrassment and regret, or perhaps a mixture of both. Whatever the circumstances are, don’t you just wish you could  go back to that night, when you were young once again and you still had the opportunity to improve the way things went?

If, on the other hand, you are yet to experience the prom, then know that you have the opportunity to make that night one that you could look back at with fondness no matter how old you get. Do know also that the prom isn’t just about the actual event; it also involves the preparation (shopping for that perfect outfit, planning with your friends how to get there, etc) and of course, deciding on who your date is going to be.

If you’ve already decided on your prom date, you may face another challenge: how would you ask him or her out? If you want to be successful, it’s important that you plan for this well. Here are some tips that would definitely help you ask someone to the prom romantically:

  1. Know more about her. First of all, it’s important that you find out your prospective date’s idea of romance. Remember, what one person considers romantic may be another person’s idea of embarrassing. Why not befriend her first so you’d get a feel of her personality and interests? Find out her favorite colors, whether she likes flowers or chocolates, etc. This should help you plan out the best way of asking her out to the prom. At the very least, make sure that she knows that you exist. This way, it will be more natural for her to say yes to you as a date, than if she doesn’t know who you are the time you ask her out. It’s ideal that you allot quite a bit of time for getting to know her (maybe around one or two months before the prom), so that you won’t be too obvious that you’re getting data on your prospect.
  2. Know what it takes. The specific way you will ask her out will depend on the information that you get on what she finds to be romantic. The two general characteristics that make for a romantic proposal are the following: it was obvious that a lot of effort was exerted in the whole planning process, and second, the proposal was made sincerely. If you’ve got these two points going for you, you’ve definitely got a shot.
  3. Know your different options. Once you have the whole data-gathering process done, that’s the time you can plan out the specific way to ask out your prospective date. You could derive your ideas from some of the more popular asking-out techniques. One of these is the “mystery-guy” move, where you’d put notes/flowers on her locker until the day you actual ask her out. You could involve a lot of people, where you could stage an elaborate setting where your prospective date is the center of it all (example: all the other students will give her a flower as she walks along the corridor, culminating in you giving her a large bouquet of roses). Remember, of course, that males and females have highly diverse ideas of romance. Most of the time, females love elaborate scenarios while males tend to prefer low-key, private situations.
  4. Make sure you look and smell good. Increase your chances by taking the time to look – and smell – your best while you’re doing the actual asking out. This will really make you more appealing to your prospective date, and you’re showing that her “yes” is so important for you that you’d exert a lot of effort just to get it.

There you have it! These are just some of the ways that you could ask somebody to the prom romantically. Though some effort will be required from you, remember, this should also help make the actual prom night a very special one that you could look remember for many years to come. 


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