How To Assign Chores to a Preschooler

Preschoolers are one of the most active types of children. They have an almost unlimited reservoir of energy in them, which they spend on hours of playing. Although it varies among children, they also have tendencies of being stubborn and unresponsive. This can be a big headache for you. Here are some professionally and domestically tested tips and advice to help you in giving tasks and chores to a preschooler.

  1. Look for signs of interest. Interests can be easily spotted in instances when they mimic your actions, like playing house, cooking pretend games, and others. If you spot them watching you doing your work, it could be a good sign of curiosity. You must take hold of these opportunities to teach them about responsibility and other basic chores.
  2. Do not prevent them from doing the chores.     Many parents are making the mistake of preventing their children to participate in household chores like washing clothes, washing dishes, etc. because of the idea that they are still young for these jobs. This notion is true, but it does not mean that you must prevent them from helping you in doing them. If the child says he wants to wash his own clothes, then let him do so, given that you yourself will wash it thoroughly afterwards. The purpose is to let him experience it, thus the learning opportunity. You can assign him these chores later on without him grumbling in rebellion.
  3. Make it fun. The thing about children is that they get easily bored, and they will not do things that they do no want to do. However, with children this age, almost anything ‘adult’ is interesting for them. On the other hand, chores can really be stressful. Therefore, to foster enthusiasm in them doing household chores and in their later years, make these chores more interesting and fun by incorporating some sort of ‘game’ in it. For example, you can make folding and sorting clothes more fun by ordering him to look for the appropriate pairs of socks. This would make this chore more pleasurable for him than merely ordering him to fold and sort.
  4. Make it subtle, and do not force your preschooler to do something. As said earlier, children of the preschool age have more enthusiasm for heeding requests to do chores. However, do not burn them out by giving them chores every now and then. This would make them lose their interests more quickly. Make your requests more subtle and inviting, like you are offering him a bar of chocolate. Do not force them to do something when he rejects your request. You can deal with this later on by personally telling him the necessity of obeying his parents.

Assigning preschool children chores can become a venue of learning for them to be more responsible and for them to know the real world. It can greatly help in their own personal, emotional, and cognitive development. Assign to them the right chores in the right way, and you will surely not regret it in the future.


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