How To Attach a Wedding Veil

For a bride on her wedding day, one of the most important things that must absolutely go right is the attachment of her wedding veil. Aside from the gown, this is the one piece of wedding paraphernalia that gives her that absolute feeling of being a bride. Aside from getting the selection of the veil right, she also has to worry about getting it on right on her wedding day. There are several types of wedding veils available to the bride: the blusher veil, which is the veil that covers your face during the ceremony; the bird cage, which falls just above the bride’s shoulder line; the elbow veil, which extends up to the bride’s elbow; the fingertip veil, which reaches the tip of the middle fingers; the waltz veil, which typically falls between the ankle and the knee; the chapel, one of the most formal types of veils, which extends up to two feet behind the train; the cathedral veil, which extends three feet or more beyond the train; and the double tier, which is usually a blusher veil paired with a longer veil.

Here are some tips on how to attach a wedding veil:

  1. Find the appropriate hair accessories. Once you have found the right veil for you, do not undermine your choice by choosing the wrong hair accessories to go with the veil. Make sure that the accessories that you choose will serve to accentuate, and not overpower or clash with your chosen veil. Take the veil and accessories’ colors, shape, and size into consideration when making your choice. You can go to department stores or specialty accessory shops to browse for options.
  2. Check your hairpins. After picking out the accessories, make sure that you also pick up a pack of hairpins to hold everything in place. The best types of hairpins to use are those that are wavy and have a wide body. Straight, slim pins tend to slip off easily, especially when used by women with straight, fine hair. Using wide, wavy pins will ensure that your veil and accessories will stay in place until you are ready to take them off.
  3. Position the veil. Once you have the accessories and the hairpins properly arranged, it is time to position the veil on your head. Taking your hairstyle into consideration, and making sure that the veil does not ruin the hairstyle (especially if you plan to take off the veil for the reception), carefully position the veil on top of your head, making the necessary adjustments to the veil to ensure that the proper lengths, both at the front and the back, are achieved. Take one hairpin, and push it right through the seam of your veil. Make sure that you push down on the pin, away from the veil, which will make it more secure and sturdy.
  4. Secure the veil. Using the rest of your hairpins, and following the step described above, insert pins into the veil all around your head, moving in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.
  5. Add the hair accessories. Again, using the pins, attach the hair accessories onto your head. Fasten securely.

Regardless of the type of veil that you choose, the basic steps for attaching the veil are essentially the same, and are pretty easy to follow.


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