How To Attract a Bad Boy

Every girl should experience spending time with a bad boy at least once in her life. The bad boy may not be your forever kind of guy but he can teach a girl more about life in a short time than any boy next door. If you want to attract a bad boy, consider following these steps.

  1. Appreciate the unique. Bad boys stand out because they are unique. They might have an unhappy home life or be the neighborhood risk taker. The bad boys typically have something worth rebelling against. If you appreciate and show interest in the unique whether it is music, books, art or just someplace in the neighborhood, you may be a new way for him to rebel.
  2. Take a chance. You need to get the bad boys attention so take a chance. If you are an athlete, make that fabulous move to score a goal when he's watching. Or speak out in class with a radical idea when he's around. You will get noticed.
  3. Let your confidence show. A confident girl attracts the bad boys because she is most willing to take a chance and buck the norm. Let your confidence show and stop hiding behind your friends. Be willing to approach him or his friends. Be proud to let your own unique personality and interests show.
  4. Refuse to follow any crowd. Bad boys are less likely to follow the trends.  He probably considers the "in" crowd not worth his effort. Remember that the bad boy is rebelling, so he is working hard not to fit in. Don't try hard to be part of the popular set when you are trying to attract a bad boy.
  5. Get his attention with a smile.  Bad boys aren't used to being the object of interest unless it's coming from bad girls. Consider offering him a sweet smile reserved just for him. You might just shock him into paying attention.
  6. Stand up to him. Once you have his attention, he may try to pick on you or tease you. Often this happens when you are hanging out with a group of friends. He is trying to single you out. Instead of feeling nervous, ignoring his attempts to connect or just taking his insults, respond directly. Take a breath then stand up for yourself. He will appreciate your spine.
  7. Be willing to take a risk. Once you have a bad boy's attention and interest, he will try to tempt you. If you want a bad boy, you need to be open to taking risks. Whether he offers you a ride on the back of his motorcycle or a walk in the woods, you might need to consider taking the risk. Don't do anything stupid or beyond your comfort zone, but consider taking a calculated risk and have fun with a bad boy.

Bad boys can be a blast. Follow these steps and you will draw the eye of your local bad boy. Don't expect to keep him for long, but you can enjoy his attention while you have it.


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