How To Attract a Virgo Female

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If your eye is set upon a Virgo female, there are some things you need to consider before you launch a pursuit. Now that you've decided upon the woman you want to attract, there are steps you should follow to ensure your success. Consider the steps below to attract a Virgo female.

  1. Know some facts about a Virgo. The Virgo female was born August 23 - September 22. She is picky, critical and often considered difficult to get along with. She tends to favor neutral colors for their calming influence. While others consider her picky behavior to be a hindrance, the Virgo woman considers her attention to detail and perfectionism to be an asset.
  2. Present a neat, fit appearance. Don't try to follow trends or stand out from the crowd in a dramatic way when trying to attract a Virgo. Keep your appearance simple, clean and neat. Make sure you are in shape and present the best appearance you can because the Virgo enjoys a fit body.
  3. Keep your car, office and home organized. The ability to see and focus on details is present in all areas of the Virgo's life. This means she will notice and be turned off by chaos in any form. Keep all of your spaces clean and organized. You will appeal to her sense of order.
  4. Pay attention to the details. Virgo women are very detail oriented so if you want to attract her then you must remember birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. Compliment her on the outfit she wore the day before or on your first date. Take note when she says she likes a particular color, designer or flower. This attention to detail will get a Virgo to look twice in your direction.
  5. Approach with logic. Virgo women tend to be smart and want to think through their relationships. If you want to catch her eye, you should also try to catch her mind. Don't offer lame lines. Instead, start a conversation with a topic that interests her or consider debating something she is passionate about.
  6. Plan an exercise or active date. The Virgo female takes care of her body. She tends to be active and makes working out a priority in her schedule. Make a date with her for hiking, cycling or playing some touch football and you should see sparks.
  7. Slow down. Virgos tend to be modest and conservative. They may not be virginal but they will also not be spontaneous. Slow down your pursuit and you may benefit in the long run. Begin with small touches and kisses once you have her attention. If a one night stand is your goal, don't look to the Virgo woman.
  8. Appreciate her ties to others. Part of being a Virgo is the feeling of duty. These women will have strong ties to their friends and families. Respect those ties and give her the space to maintain them. Do not try to pull the Virgo female's attention away from the rest of her life. She will become conflicted and may decide you are not worth the trouble to the rest of her life.

You can attract a Virgo female if you have the patience and energy. Follow these steps and you can turn that Virgo eye in your direction.


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