How To Attract Gay Guys

Gone are the days when gay people hid in their closets tortured by acceptance and moral issues. Nowadays, gay people and couples are seen around living ordinary and peaceful lives with their partners. If you are a gay single, choosing a decent and trusting partner might be a bit challenging, but why would that hinder you from taking your chances? There are far too many ways to make your self attractive and appealing to not just one but a number of gay guys out there.

  • Get yourself fit and fresh. Boost your self esteem and start hitting the gym. All kinds of people get attracted to men with impressive built and posture. Confidence is an important key to meet and interact with other people, especially if you have a prospect in mind.
  • Dress nicely. A lot of gay people are very particular with fashion and style. It reflects an aura of sexiness and appeal. Try to observe how gay people dress when you go out clubbing or get ideas from magazines which feature gay models or celebrities.
  • Use body language. If you are in a club or any place where you spot a hot guy, your body language automatically responds to the attraction and possibilities. Use this for your advantage. Simple inviting gestures can work wonders for you. Your body language can affect the moods and attitude of the people around you. The more inviting and open gestures you make, such as eye contact, or simply move your body towards his direction can send the right message.
  • Flirt. Different people, including gay ones, have different responses to flirting. Do not overdo your flirting to the point that you are just giving too much signals that would make you look cheap and desperate. Be flirtatious but do it smartly. This will also protect you from gay opportunists that often leave their victims heartbroken and penniless.
  • Test the waters first. Although rare, some men are just too friendly but are not really into gay relationships. Flirt moderately if you are not sure of your prospect's preference. You may compliment the guy for his outfit but add a little friendly sarcasm to it. You will confirm later on if he is into you or he is just enjoying your conversation- in a friendly way.
  • Learn some dance moves. Just sitting in the corner of a bar or a club will not get you anywhere. Clubs are very dark and too crowded to just sit in one place and wait for somebody to approach you. The best place to get people to notice you is through the dance floor. Learn some good moves that would make you stand out among the crowd. Gay men get attracted to good dancers. It will only be a matter of time before you find yourself dancing and grinding with not just one but a whole bunch of gay people trying to catch your attention.
  • Touch. Keep in mind that a good amount of touching here and there can get the ball rolling. Compliment his wristwatch, read his palm, tap his shoulder or an arm, and you'd be hooked to each other in no time.

Making yourself attractive and presentable at all times will not just gain you new acquaintances or possible partners, but more so, it makes you feel good about yourself and helps you establish your personality and preferences in life with dignity and confidence.


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