How To Attract Men

People come in all shapes and sizes. Luckily, people are also attracted to all kinds of different qualities. In theory, this means that there is someone out there who is attracted to you, no matter who you are. If you aren’t willing to wait for that one perfect match, there are a few things you can do to increase your ability to attract men. Consider implementing the following steps and you will be well on your way to attracting men.

  1. Be confident. Confidence is attractive in everyone. If you do not believe you are worthy of attracting men, you won’t be. The type of man you are drawn to is looking for a woman who knows she can take care of herself and knows she’s worthy of attention.
  2. Strut your stuff. This goes along with having confidence. You have to walk tall and walk with purpose. Hold your head up and have a destination in mind. Your sense of purpose will be evident in the way you walk.
  3. Have a life of your own. Most men don’t have the time or energy for a clingy woman who wants to be with them 24/7. Having your own job, interest and friends makes you more appealing. It also means that you will have more to talk about with the man you are trying to attract.
  4. Take time with your presentation and looks. Attraction is not all about looks so we won’t dwell here too long. However, how you look is a big part of any first impression. You don’t have to be beautiful or model thin. What you should do is care about the assets you do have. This does not mean you have to wear high heels and a pushup bra. But do wear clothes and shoes that fit, that are clean, in good repair and flatter your figure.
  5. Go where the men are. Attracting men is hard to do from your living room sofa. You have to get out of the house and be social. The bar isn’t the best place to get noticed with the crowds, music and competition. Instead head to the bookstore, museum, park or ball field. Head out with your friends or alone, it doesn’t matter; just get out of the house.
  6. Be friendly and flirt. Sometimes a night out with the girls looks like an indestructible force to a man standing on the outside. You have to let them know it’s safe to approach. Put on your friendly smile and mean it. An open smile and a little flirting is all it takes to let a man know you’re available.

Above all, knowing who you are and what you want out of life are the keys to attracting men. Your confidence will draw them like bees to honey. Spend a little time; take a little effort to enhance what you have; and your wish to attract men will come true in no time.

There are men out there who are attracted to women with none of these qualities. Women they consider weak or easy prey. Beware of men who are attracted to you because they see you as dependent or insecure. Relationships are hard enough without one partner feeling power over the other.


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