How To Attract Rich Men

It is every girl's dream to end up with a rich man. The law of attraction is different for everyone. People simply attract and do not attract a particular set of people. There are some ways, however, to increase the chances of attracting rich men.

Here are some ways you can attract rich men.

  • Learn where rich men frequently go. This will include high-end places, like classy bars and restaurants. You need to mingle with them to get their attention. It would be best if you could also become a member of popular clubs, like a golf club for example, as golf is one of many rich men's sports. Also be a member of a country club and visit the place as often as you can. Be sure to look like you really belong to the place. You must act and feel comfortable. Always smile and be friendly to all the people around you.
  • You may apply for a job in a fancy restaurant where rich men normally go. Look for a bistro or café that is in a sophisticated neighborhood. It would be better if it is a singles bar where men are looking to find a girl to be with. For all you know, you could be the one he's looking for.
  • You must dress to impress. However, you must not dress in a very seductive way. It is always better to dress in a classy and elegant manner to gain the respect of men. Good personal hygiene is also very important. Always maintain neatness. In addition, always smell good. Outward appearance is very important because it is the first thing that a man would notice. Eventually though, it is your inner beauty that men would fall in love with.
  • Keep in mind that rich men don't always flaunt their wealth. Some are simple and down-to-earth. So don't be rude to those men who don't seem to be filthy rich because they may really be the man of your dreams, a modest rich man.
  • Talk sensibly to the men you meet. Most rich men are highly educated so be sure to be talking about relevant topics and not garbage topics, otherwise you might turn them off.
  • Assert yourself and demand respect. Long term relationships are based on these. Most men will find it repulsive if a woman is too needy and clingy, especially in the early part of their relationship. Make him understand that you are an independent woman and that you can stand on your own. This will surely attract any man.

Do remember that in whatever you do, always be true to yourself. Men don't like phony women. If you show the man you are with your true colors--your gentleness, friendliness, kindness, he will be more and more attracted to you. Show him your fun side too, how you love adventure and your sense of humor. Surely you will have a long lasting relationship with the man of your dreams.


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