How To Attract Younger Women

King Arthur is considered to be the epitome of all goodness in the world. He built Camelot stone by stone and wielded the mighty sword Excalibur. He brought peace to the land and he soon became the embodiment of what an ideal king should be. With all these achievements, however, one stands out above all of his other achievements - the wooing and his eventual marriage to Guinevere.

Guinevere was a beautiful young maiden, whose beauty was only surpassed by her intellect and the goodness of her heart. Guinevere was much younger than the king and I would not be surprised if this was the part of her charms that eventually brought her into the arms of the king. We may not have the same riches that King Arthur had, but what we do have is the same charm. If you don't have the same charming demeanor as this man, you can learn to cultivate it. This guide will show you how to attract younger women.  Follow these simple tips and your game will be good enough to snatch a woman much younger than you.

Step 1

Assess yourself.  Look in a mirror and make an honest assessment of yourself. What do you see looking back at you from the mirror? Make a list of your flaws and try to work on improving yourself. If you are overweight, join a gym or go on a diet. Do you dress like a peasant? Ask a friend to work on your wardrobe with you. Buy new clothes and become a new man. If you are severely uncultured, then look to taking etiquette classes or learn about manners and culture. Some of the things you need to change may not be so obvious, so talk to other people and find out how they perceive you.

Step 2

Dating sites work. Dating sites that specialize in relationships of these types will work well in taking you towards your goal. Dating sites help in narrowing down your field of choice, giving you a chance to meet women who're looking to get together with older men. Your chances of success dramatically increases in a pool such as this. Search for the kind of women you like and begin interacting with them via email or the phone. When you finally get to meet a younger woman you like and get along great with, proceed to the next step.

Step 3

Remain respectful. When you and the young woman meet for the first time, talk to her in a friendly and polite manner. See if she reciprocates your friendliness. Flirt a bit but don't be crass.  Above all, do not be disrespectful. Treat her like a lady and not a little child. Do not try to treat her like a harlot either.

Step 4

Show off your good side. Without bragging, show her what you have to offer. One of the things you can offer a younger woman is financial security. If you look in the right places, you will be able to find a woman who is interested in the financial security you bring. You can also impress her with your maturity.  Your age has brought you experience, so talk about it. She will surely appreciate the stories.

The stories and experiences that you have accumulated are badges of glory. Young women can be funny sorts of creatures like Guinevere was. You can give them everything, yet you will never truly capture one.  The best solution is to be yourself and respect her. At the end, all you can do is hope everything works out well.


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