How To Avoid a Black Widow

A black widow is a woman who acts like the black widow spider. This kind of woman usually preys on married men. Usually they go for middle aged men. A black widow woman searches for married men that are financially secured. Her usual victims are men that are struggling with their married life. After they have pursued their male victims, just like the black widow spider, the black widow woman eats her man alive. Leaving him broke and in pain.

Here are some tips on how to avoid a black widow:

  1. Hot and seductive. A black widow will do anything to make her look available for you. This kind of woman will take the opportunity to wear seductive dresses just to get your attention. Usually this happens when your marriage is in peril.
  2. Your financial status. A black widow will surely do anything just to find out how big is your bank account. This kind of woman will use seduction just to get money from you. Be extra cautious when you are a married man. Avoid talking to her especially your private and married life. If she knows too much, you will face a difficult problem. This kind of woman will do anything when they find out that you have all the things that they prey on.
  3. Falling to her spider web. Just like the black widow spider, the black widow woman will trap you with her web. Once she has obtained the vital information on your person life, she will do anything just to trap you in her web. Married men should beware of this. Avoid talking or giving too much information about your personal life, assets with this kind of woman.
  4. Married men beware. Once you fall for her web, you’re in danger. In fact, your whole family will be in peril once this happens. This kind of woman will pressure you with her needs, her jealousies with your wife and family. In return she will then ask for more and more money from you.
  5. Avoid being emotionally attached. Once you fall for her venomous web, you will become emotionally attached with her. When this happens you will feel think that it’s your responsibility to provide for her. Once this happens, it will usually develop a constant possessiveness on both sides. When you’ve fallen for her, you will be in big trouble. You will develop a need for her or a distinct possessiveness for her.
  6. A black widow will eat you alive. A black widow will drain everything. She will leave you with nothing. You will even forget your responsibilities as a parent. In the end you will have no money, your family is broken, and you are in pain.

With these tips, you will be more aware about black widows. You will be more cautious of these kinds of women that might bring you down. Avoid black widows by simply following these tips. Enjoy your life with your family and protect yourself and your family from black widows.


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