How To Avoid a Good-Night Kiss

The feeling you get when you give a good night kiss to your loved one is the most positive and beautiful feeling you could ever feel especially if the person really means to you. But what if you and your partner are on a "getting to know each other" stage and the two of you are just starting to go out? At this point, you may not be quite ready for a good night kiss. But how can you tell your partner without hurting his feelings that you like him but that you are not willing to kiss him just yet? Here's how you can avoid a good-night kiss.

  • Keep your distance. Keeping your distance is a good and foolproof way to make your partner feel that you don't want to be intimate with him but still want to continue to know him better by going out with him again. So if you want to avoid a good night kiss at your first date it is important that you maintain your distance from your partner. If he's already saying goodbye this way, you and your partner will not be put in an awkward moment. Keeping your distance will give your partner a hunch that you are not into kissing and this is the best way to let the person feel that without directly him.
  • Avoid eye contact. Keeping eye contact with your partner in a date is done to make your partner feel that you like him and you are enjoying his company. And if a person wants to kiss you, he will try to maintain steady eye contact with you. To avoid eye contact, slowly turn your head and try to pretend that you are in a hurry or that you need to go inside your home. After telling him, look straight into his eyes to convince him that you really need to attend to urgent matter.
  • Give him a hug. A hug is a friendly gesture that you can give and make a person feel special. So if your date is an aggressive type of guy and decides to go nearer with you to give you a kiss, move your body forward so you can give him a hug. Make sure that your cheek is resting on his shoulder not beside his cheek because if your cheek is so close with his, he can easily pull his head and smooch you right in the face. If this happens you cannot do anything because he's holding your body. 

A good night kiss is shared by two people who have special feelings with each other so if you don't feel like giving your special good-night kiss to your partner don't force yourself. There's a proper place and a proper person to give your good-night kiss. So if you want to avoid it at your first date don't be afraid or scared that your partner will not ask you out again. This way you will know if the guy is really interested in knowing you better and if he's worth your precious good-night kiss.


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