How To Avoid a Stalker

What is a stalker? If you feel that somebody is following you, harassing you or giving you an eerie feeling, then you probably have a stalker. Stalkers can be very dangerous and life-threatening. They are very inventive in finding ways to harass their targets. Their persistence and obsessive nature are things that can be way beyond a normal person’s imagination. This is a serious matter. As a matter of fact, it is considered a crime if you are caught stalking someone or you are accused of doing so. 

So what if you think that you are being stalked? What should you do? Here are some of the steps that you can do to avoid a stalker:

  1. Find help or seek assistance. If you feel that you have a stalker, talk it out with someone you can fully trust. Contact the local police or a friend if you get a threat. It is better that somebody is aware of what’s happening to keep yourself protected. Get a guard dog if possible.
  2. Keep out of the stalker’s reach. Keep your distance. That is the first thing that you will need to do. Change your routines. If you have a patterned way of going to and from places, change routes. If possible, do not go anywhere without company. The more people surrounding you, the better. Avoid unsecured and isolated places. Keep yourself in crowded places so there is no room for attack. If the stalker does reach out to you, do not respond.
  3. Change contact numbers. If you are in contact with this person, cut off all forms of communication. Change all your personal numbers if possible. Make sure you are unlisted so your stalker will not be able to find you on the directory easily. If you have an answering machine, hook up your phone to it so you can filter the calls you receive. Get yourself a cell phone. It is very useful in case of an emergency.
  4. Be anonymous or unidentified. If you have a registered vehicle or you are part of any organizations that require you to register your identity, make sure that you request for complete confidentiality. This will ensure your right to privacy thus avoiding any chances of your stalker to find out any information about you.
  5. Be careful with mail deliveries. Get yourself a private office post box. This will hide your address and any other information from a possible stalker. Be aware of any packages that may be sent to you. Do not accept it if you do not know the sender or if you are not expecting it. Mail envelopes that have your information such as your addresses or P.O. Box should be immediately discarded or shredded.
  6. Keep logs. All important information should be documented. Keep track of all suspicious happenings. These can serve as your proof of evidence should the need for it arises.

We live in a crazy world. Anything can happen, especially when we least expect it. Be mindful of all the possible ways to protect yourself. You never know when you’ll need them.


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