How To Avoid Cheating on Your Spouse

Cheating on your spouse is ugly. It never leads to anything good in your relationship or your life. If you are reading this article you've been tempted to cheat but are choosing not to. To help you along the way, follow these steps so you can avoid cheating on your spouse.

  1. Respect your spouse. As a rule, people don't cheat on those they love and respect. Offer your spouse respect by valuing your marriage vows. If you are tempted to cheat, remember that respect you feel toward your spouse, it should dissuade you from taking another step.
  2. Address marital stresses early. Cheating is most tempting when one or both partners are experiencing marital strain or stress. If you are having money woes or just running too ragged to focus on your partnership, you need to get things under control. Start talking to your partner as soon as you feel stress. Don't wait until you are overwhelmed. See a counselor if needed.
  3. Remove yourself from temptation. When late night meetings or overnight business trips put temptation in your path, the best thing you can do is avoid them. Stop traveling with your secretary or coworker who tempts you. If it is not possible to change your business travel, find a way to distract yourself from your traveling companion. Call home often. Go to the movies to avoid having dinner with your coworker. Get hotel rooms on separate floors. If necessary, get different rental vehicles too so you can have a way out and away from temptation.
  4. Remember your promises. At its core marriage is a promise made to another person. Remind yourself often of the promises you made and the reasons you have for keeping them. Remember why you are committed to your spouse and how the marriage is beneficial to you both. Make a list if you have to.
  5. Find another source of thrills. For some the temptation to cheat is about the challenge and thrill. If the adrenaline high is what you are after, find another source for your thrills. Run, climb mountains or consider skydiving if you really need to get a thrill.
  6. Love your partner. Couples in love are not interested in cheating. If you married for love, you need to check in with your feelings again. Plan a weekend away to reconnect with your partner and remember the love you share.
  7. If you cannot do the above, end the relationship. If you find that any of the above steps are impossible, you may not really want to avoid cheating. If you cannot respect and love your spouse enough to be faithful, you should consider ending the marriage before you cause even more anguish.

Just say no to cheating on your spouse. If you can't then you probably shouldn't be married. Have respect for the person you have made a commitment to and get out before you start betraying their trust.


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