How To Avoid Hurting Your Child's Feelings

Just like adults, some children seem to get their feelings hurt much more easily than others do. As good parents, we never want to purposely hurt our children's feelings. There can be a fine line to walk though, if you happen to have an extra sensitive child. It seems that some children can be given instructions or advice and not take it personally, whereas others will think the parent, teacher or coach is picking on them or trying to make them feel unworthy.

One of the best things to do to make sure you don't hurt your child's feelings is to make sure you always give praise for anything your child has done right. This helps build self esteem, and usually children that get their feelings hurt easily have a somewhat lower self esteem then others. Building the confidence a child has in themselves can be a big help in teaching them not to get their feelings hurt quite as easily. If they feel good about themselves, they will be able to learn from any criticism or advice they may receive instead of taking it so personally.  It also just helps to counterbalance the times that you must correct something that your child is doing wrong.

Another way to make sure you don't hurt your child's feelings is to never say anything negative about their physical appearance. They may be super sensitive over things that most adults don't even pay any attention to, such as having to wear glasses, being slightly over or under weight, etc. If your child has a self esteem issues over a weight problem it might be best to take them to a physician to help them figure out a good way to help the child experience better health without making them feel homely or different then everyone else.

A good way to avoid hurting your child's feelings if they are in a sports program is to always be sure they know that as long as they are having fun that's what matters the most. Many parents get very emotional about sporting events that their children participate in. If the child is not the best athlete on the team it may make them feel very inadequate if they are constantly nagged to do better. Sports programs for children were started to teach the child the basics of the game and how to play as a team. By berating your child because they aren't quite up to par as far as being a professional at sports is very likely to hurt his or her feelings.

The best way to avoid hurting your child's feelings is to make sure they know you are proud of them and that you love them. Spending time with them just having simple conversations will allow them to know that you stand behind them in all stages of their life. Being born with a sensitive personality that causes the child to get their feelings hurt easily is a struggle. By having a very supportive and loving parent in the background, it will help make them feel more secure about themselves.


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