How To Avoid Toxic Relationships

It is of absolute importance to avoid toxic relationships. Nothing chips away at your self-esteem, your emotional well-being and your general overall happiness like being in a toxic relationship. If there's abuse, you're also in danger- your very life could be at stake. Whether you've got a history of being in toxic relationships, or you simply want to avoid them, there are some things you can do to avoid toxic relationships.

The best way to avoid toxic relationships is to be aware of danger signs. If your potential partner is showing signs of jealousy, insecurity or appears to have a temper issue, then you should get out- this is usually an indicator of a potentially dangerous situation. At a minimum, it is a clue that the relationship will be very unhealthy. Do not ignore warning signs that could indicate a potential abuser or serious emotional issues. Again, being aware is one of the best ways to avoid toxic relationships.

You can definitely avoid toxic relationships by refusing to get involved with someone who has a history of being violent, trouble with the law or has been in multiple relationships in a short amount of time. Usually someone who is stuck in unhealthy cycles will have a difficult time being alone, so when one relationship ends, they immediately start a new one. And if they've had legal troubles, it's best to avoid those toxic relationships. The last thing you would want is to be dragged into someone else's legal issues, their unhealthy cycles or the uncertainty of an unhealthy relationship.

Avoid toxic relationships by steering clear of someone who appears to harbor a lot of anger toward their ex-partners or who constantly appears to feel they have been "wronged" by others. Beware of the individual who talks badly of ex-partners, who seems to feel that "the world is out to get them," and one who appears to hold a lot of hatred towards anyone they feel has been "unfair" to them. Basically, avoid toxic relationships by avoiding angry people.

Don't hesitate to avoid toxic relationships even without tangible "proof" of a potentially unhealthy cycle- sometimes it's best to listen to your gut instinct. If something is telling you that there's something "not right" with the relationship or your potential partner, then listen to your instincts. Many people narrowly avoid toxic relationships by paying attention to their instinctive feelings that something isn't quite right, and then later discover that they were wise to follow those gut feelings.

If you find yourself in a toxic relationship, you can still learn to avoid toxic relationships by getting out. Don't stay trapped in a toxic environment and unhealthy cycles; there are always ways to get out, even if you feel you may be in danger for leaving. It's important that everyone avoid toxic relationships simply because, everyone deserves to be loved in a healthy way.


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