How To Avoid Trapped Arm While Cuddling

A scared fox caught by a bear trap would rather eat off his leg than stay there any longer. A man shares the same interests. It is a man’s natural tendency to find any way to get out of a sticky condition like the fox. We just are not as creative as that creature to think of biting our arms off when we are trapped by a girl cuddling.

Cuddling with a trapped arm can lead to the loss of feeling in your arms. In a few minutes, the numbness will go away and it will be replaced by something much worse. The prickly pain that only comes with the resurgence of blood to the arm can be excruciating.

Well, you don’t have to go to the same extremes and bite your arm off. With these simple steps, you can get out of the troubling problem of trapped arm. Better yet, prevent the trapped arm from happening in the first place.

  1. Get out of the trapped arm predicament. Push and roll technique works best in terms of getting out of a cuddle. Embrace her even further. As you embrace her, move her whole body, rolling it away from your body. As you push her body away from you, pull your arm out from under her. You are now free to move around with two arms. Be careful not to push too hard or else, you might push her off the bed altogether.
  2. Avoid getting your arm trapped. There are several methods you can apply to avoid getting your arm trapped in a cuddle. One way you can avoid getting your arm trapped is by shifting the position of your cuddle. If you are roughly the same size as your partner, shift your cuddling position to put your arm further forward of her body.  Pull back your arm to the other end of the bed. In effect, you are almost lying on your chest with half your body sleeping on the bed and the other half sleeping on top of your partner. This can be a little uncomfortable for your lower arm and for the person you are cuddling with.  If that is the case, you should look into the next method on this list.
  3. It is time for the Superman method. The next method involves a little foresight. Position the pillows a little bit lower on the bed. This is so that you can stretch your arms forward and keep the cuddling position comfortable. When you lie next to her, position your lower arm just above her head pointing towards the headrest. Then move your other arm above her body. At the end of this method, you should seem like you are flying with one arm stretched out, just like Superman.
  4. Have her lie on your chest. The pain of cuddling comes from the pressure of the head lying on the small muscle of your arm. If you can shift the pressure from the arm to your chest, the prickly feeling will be avoided. Lie flat on your back. Then, let her head rest on the fleshy bit of your chest. It should be just to the right of the chin. Move your arm on top of her back and you can do whatever you would like with your other arm.

These are just some of the ways you can avoid the trapped arm from a cuddle.  If all else fails, you can live with the pain. And remember that all the pain felt in a cuddle is well worth the joy that comes with cuddling with a loved one.


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