How To Banter

Banter is simply a good-humored or playful type of conversation. It can not be defined as flirting, nor can it be considered as joking, and most especially not the serious type of conversation. It often involves exchange mildly teasing remarks, or simply poking fun with friends or acquaintances.

Bantering is not really a skill, but one has to be very witty to pull it off. Practice makes it easier for you to feel comfortable while doing this.

  • Look for key points or context. Bantering should start from somewhere, such as a conversation piece, or an anecdote. It will be easier to banter if you and the person you are talking to have some shared interests or experiences. This way, you will have witty remarks that the person you are with will understand easily.
  • Be involved! Try to understand what interests the other person, and what he finds funny and amusing.
  • Look for opportunities to banter. Opportunities for banter don’t just materialize. You have to look for them. You can banter with friends and colleagues at parties, in the office or while waiting in line at the movies or at the cafeteria.
  • Improve your timing. Bantering involves timing and rhythm especially if the person you are talking to is quick to respond to your witty remarks. You need to have a response or rebuttal ready.
  • Watch the pros. Watch some sitcoms and go to comedy bars. Many of the conversations here involve bantering around. You can get some tips from the professionals themselves on how to be witty, and how to have good timing.
  • Start a conversation.Now if you are still too shy to banter, then try complimenting someone, or saying something good about the person. Simply start a conversation with friends, ask questions about their job, what hobbies they take have, or what they do in their spare time. But do not make it sound like an interview. Your main objective is to communicate and then try to squeeze in your banters.
  • Have an audience. It’s fun enough for two friends to banter back and forth. But if you think both of you are truly witty, then it’s even a better idea if you have other friends with you. They’ll be the judge of who’s wittier. They can even join in on the back-and forth talk.

A warning though: you need to be very careful when teasing with someone. You need to make sure that the person will take your witty remarks lightly, and not too seriously. Bantering might sometimes border on being offensive, so watch out that you are still striking a balance between being funny and respectful.

For dating couples, bantering can also be used by men to court women. This is especially true for women who have a good sense of humor. They would surely appreciate a man who can make them laugh.

Bantering goes two ways. You talk and then let the other person talk. This way, not are you improving your communication skill, you are also getting to know about the other person more.


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