How To Be a Better Communicator in a Relationship

A lot of relationships have failed due to poor communication. Misunderstandings, arguments and fights are all results of not really talking to each other. Most people take this extremely important factor for granted. It often ends up in a very nasty situation, separation or divorce. Read on to learn more about how to become a better and more effective communicator with your spouse or your loved one.

  1. Focus. If you want to talk to your significant other, doing it in the right time is very crucial. There should be no distractions. Do not apply selective hearing but you should do focused listening. This means you should learn to pay full attention and do not get sidetracked by a doorbell, a dog barking or a phone ringing.
  2. Learn to understand what you are hearing. You should wait for the other person to finish first, take the time to digest and comprehend it. If you have any questions, ask it after. Do not interrupt.
  3. Never assume that you already know what you are about to hear. Do not jump into conclusions. Most relationships are ruined because of “I thought...” statements. Always make an effort to learn the facts.
  4. Open up. Do not hesitate to tell your significant other about what's bothering you or what you need. Most couples tend to keep quiet with what they are feeling, never really knowing what's on each other’s minds. This is an unhealthy practice and will not solve any problems or discontentment in your relationship if you do not learn to open up. If you keep on doing this, you will soon erupt like a volcano, start a fight and then flee. Leaving your spouse all the more clueless.
  5. Learn to observe what's happening around you. Empathize and care more. Remember, you are in a relationship. Showing your spouse that you are sensitive and you are aware about what's going on will help the communication become more open and comfortable.
  6. Be careful on your body language. Do not cross your arms while you and your loved one are talking. Any unwelcoming posture or stance can come across in a negative way. As much as possible, relax your position and look directly into your spouse's eyes. This way, it will show that he is important and that you are interested with what they are saying.
  7. Never judge. Always make sure you get all your facts straight before stating an opinion. Remember, your perception is subjective. Not all things that you perceive are true. Make sure to check yourself with that.

These tips are extremely helpful and effective. Do not forget that this is one of the key factors of a successful relationship. It is not difficult to become a great listener as long as you are being sincere and real with everything that you are about to say. That is very important. Always remember the golden rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Having an open communication will definitely make your relationship stronger and healthier. That is a guarantee that you surely would not want to miss.


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