How To Be a Better Husband

Most women tend to get frustrated with their husbands simply because they just don't understand them at all. Marriage is not like a fairy tale where everyone gets to live happily ever after with no work whatsoever. It is about giving, caring, understanding and supporting each other. If you are a man who wants to show your wife that she is important to you, why don't you take the time to read and learn more about how to become the best husband that you can ever be? Here's how.

  1. Learn to admit your mistakes. Undeterred pride will get you nowhere, especially when you are at fault. Stop the “macho effect” and embrace the fact that you are wrong. Admit it and make an effort to fix it. This will save you a lot of arguments with your wife. She will surely appreciate it and will love you more for it.
  2. Be open. If you are depressed with something or if you feel bad about anything, learn to share it with your spouse. This is perfectly normal for all men and women, so do not feel ashamed. Sharing it does not mean that you are weak and helpless. It shows love and great courage by letting your wife come in to your inner soul. Communication is the best way to reach out to each other, do not forget to use it.
  3. Take the time to listen. Be interested on what your wife is about to say. Do not assume you know it already. Be patient and understand what's going on. Do not tune her out. Not only it is rude, but it also shows that she is not important to you.
  4. Be sweet. Marriage can be tough with all that work that needs to be done. Most of the time, everything that you do becomes mechanical. You often forget how you were when you first met. Keep the relationship alive by asking your wife out, treating her to a romantic dinner, giving her little love notes, presents or just a simple loving touch would show that you appreciate her and that you are still very much in love with her.
  5. Learn to share what you think. When your wife asks you something, avoid nodding all the time. Start sharing your opinions with her. Do not show impatience or do not treat it as a waste of your time. Make it as important as your work. Remember your priorities. It is your family and not anyone else that should come first. Always focus on that.
  6. Do not forget the reason why you got married. There are a lot of times that you become so busy with work that you tend to take your wife for granted. Remember what you have gone through together. She's been at your side in your happy moments and in your worst. So make sure you show how much you appreciate her, and how much you love her. Make it a habit to say, “I love you” often. This will surely bring out a smile on her face.

Now that you know how to be a better husband, it is time to apply it to yourself and to your marriage. Following these tips will help reconnect you to your wife and will also make your relationship stronger. It is definitely worth your effort and time.


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