How To Be a Better Man in a Relationship

Have you heard your ex-girlfriends say that you're a lousy boyfriend? Perhaps the girl you are currently dating has been complaining about your relationship? Do you feel that your girl is always screaming at you with frustration? Here are some tips that you may want to consider in helping you become better in handling your relationships.

  1. Communicate properly. Most girls say that they have trouble communicating with their men. Don't be like other guys who refuse and avoid talking to their girlfriends about problems haunting the relationship. Do not hesitate in telling your girlfriend anything that bothers you. Remember to answer when your girlfriend asks a question. Don't just nod or shake your head. Say something. Talk! It is important for you to voice out your thoughts and feelings to your special someone.
  2. Pay attention. Listen to what your girl is saying. Pay attention to everything she says including those that may seem too trivial for you. Girls love it when guys are able to recall details of what they said.
  3. Be lavish with compliments. Say something nice every time you see your girl. Comment on her choice of clothes, or shoes. Let your girl know that you approve of   what she has done for you. Say phrases like “Where did you get your dress. It looks good on you,” or “That was so thoughtful of you,” A woman just loves receiving praises from her guy. Be generous with your compliments.
  4. Be patient. There is no need for you to snap at your girlfriend over petty things. Make sure not to raise your voice at her for coming in late or for misplacing your car keys. Do not walk out or leave your girl alone when you two are in the middle of a heated argument. Make sure that you stay cool regardless of how irritated you are with your girl. Just keep in mind that girls are basically difficult creatures to deal with, and you just need to be patient for the relationship to work.
  5. Keep your promises. Remember that promises are not made to be broken. If you promised to take your girl to the theater this Saturday, then you should take her to the theater this Saturday. Do not forget the commitments that you made to your girlfriend. Call at the time you said you would, and take her out on a date as you said you would. Only make promises you can keep.
  6. Make time. Girls just hate it when men seem to never make time for them. Being very busy is not an excuse for not seeing your girlfriend. You can't always be too tired to go out.

Making a relationship work is never easy. There will always be conflicts, and misunderstandings between you and your girlfriend. But this doesn't mean that you should give up, and accept that you're just not cut to be in a relationship for long. It's never too late to be a better man in a relationship.


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