How To Be a Cougar

Many women dread middle age, seeing it as the end of their wild years. But it doesn’t need to be such a depressing time. Middle-aged women are becoming increasingly prevalent in the social scene and are succeeding in attracting younger and younger men. Ladies, if you’re looking for a sure-fire confidence booster in your middle age, consider learning how to be a cougar.

Step 1

Reassess your possibilities. The fundamental definition of a cougar is a woman who can attract younger men. And it's not usually by just a few years - it's more like a few generations. You need to reconsider what age means to you and realize that it's only a number. Age gave you experience, a great job and a steady income. For a lot of young guys, this is exactly what they're looking for.  Don't discount anyone because of their age, or you'll be selling yourself short.

Step 2

Be approachable. To be a cougar, you've got to have the ability to attract younger men. Your body language must seem inviting and even a little bit flirtatious. Don't spend the night hidden in the corner either, or you'll never meet anyone. Get out there, make conversation with a young guy and make them feel comfortable talking to you. Smile, laugh and bat your eye lashes. You want them to take one look at you and make a beeline for the empty seat next to you.

Step 3

Dress the part. A cougar isn't necessarily the most modestly dressed woman in the room. It just doesn't suit the title. In fact, a cougar, by nature, should be dressed provocatively in order to attract younger men. Wear revealing clothes and few of them. Leave the shawls and pants at homes, ladies - tonight is the time for mini-skirts and sleeveless tops. You want to show off your assets to get the younger men interested in all that you have to offer.

Step 4

Shake that body. To be a cougar, you need to be out on the dance floor shaking what you've got. Practice your sexy and tantalizing dance moves and don't be afraid to flaunt it on the dance floor. Young guys are going to be all over you if you move your body in such a way that says, "Hey fella, look at this."

Step 5

Be at the top of your game. Part of the allure of a cougar is that she's got her life in order and she's living the dream. This is very attractive for a young man, who essentially desires someone capable of taking care of him (in more ways than one!). Continue to educate yourself, take courses and stay active. And while you're doing all this, you might just come across some young guy eager to make your acquaintance.

If you want to learn how to be a cougar, you might think you can learn all you need to know from other cougars that have preceded you. And it’s true – they can impart a lot of timeless information that will surely help you snag a young cutie. But part of being a cougar also comes from confidence in yourself, your body and your abilities. Don’t let age define who you are – being a cougar helps you remain young at heart and agile on the dance floor.


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