How To Be a Good Boyfriend

Good boyfriends are hard to find. Sometimes it may seem that the girls only want the boys that treat them bad and being a good guy is a lonely endeavor. Don't worry, not all girls are like this. Some want the good guy who knows how to be a good boyfriend. If you are looking to be that type of guy, follow these steps so you can be a good boyfriend.

  1. Make her a priority. When a girl decides to take on a boyfriend she expects to see and talk to the guy often. She expects to be a priority in his life even if he has work, school, sports, friends and family that are also priorities. Good boyfriends make time for their girl, no matter how busy their schedule may be.
  2. Listen. All girls are different so there is no single perfect way to be a good boyfriend. To find out what works for your girlfriend you need to listen to her. She may want to talk to you or get a text from you first thing each morning or she may want to talk to you right before bed. Ask what she wants and listen when she provides an answer.
  3. Pay attention to details. Girls tend to be more detail focused than boys. This may not always be true but it is common. This means that girls will pay attention to the day you met, the places you've been together and the song you were listening to when you first kissed. Paying attention to these details and being able to recall them later will let the girl know how much you love being her boyfriend.
  4. Plan for time alone and time with friends. It's great if you like her friends and she gets along with your friends as well. Still you need to plan some time alone together with your girlfriend. Try not to neglect either part of your life by dividing your time, some alone with your girl, some together with all your friends and some just with the guys. The time you spend apart will give you something to talk about while the time you spend together will be more special because it is valued alone time.
  5. Hide a jealous nature. Jealousy is common early in relationships. You are just getting to know each other so you may be uncovering the girl's previous relationships or her current friendships with other boys. You think she is amazing so you expect every other guy to feel the same. This is where jealousy causes problems. If you have a jealous nature, you need to confine it and keep it from costing you. Good boyfriends offer trust to their girlfriends instead of jealousy.
  6. Express your emotions in your words and actions. We live in a culture where emotions are expected to be verbalized. Don't expect the girl to know what you are thinking or feeling. Instead show her you care by your actions and then remember to tell her. Express your feelings when you talk to her, when you writer her emails or anytime you need to express them.

A girl never forgets the first boyfriend who treated her right. If you want to be the boyfriend that the girls remember and the boyfriend a girl wants to keep, then you should try to follow these steps. You can be a good boyfriend if you want.


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