How To Be a Good Girlfriend

From a Guy's Perspective

Everybody thinks they have the best girlfriend in the world. We, guys, think our girlfriend is the prettiest, kindest and greatest girl. That is why we worked hard to woo and convince them to make us their boyfriend. Girlfriends have their guys wrapped around their fingers. We are like mesmerized puppies serving her every will. We will continue to shower our girls gift and Bling just at the hope that this makes them happy. We would even fight for our girlfriend at the slightest infraction. Shucks! The famous Helen of Troy had a thousand ships after her and only one of them was her husband's.

Since we are so good to them, it is only right that they be good to us, as well. She must do the tasks that will make her a girlfriend. Our happiness should also be her happiness, after all that we give to them. So, if there are girlfriends out there reading this article? Take note! Here are several ways that make a good girlfriend a good girlfriend. And for all of us guys out there, read up and enjoy picking out what you like from your girlfriend.

  1. She doesn't push you too much.  If your girlfriend is not too much into the 'girlfriend' thing, this isn't that great. Some girlfriends like to take things slow. She doesn't push to meet your parents. They bug you about marriage, but when you want to talk about it,they're all ears. This is a special time between the two of you, so, if your girl just takes it slow and doesn't push you, then you got a keeper in your hands.
  2. Honesty is the best policy. It is important that your girl be honest to you. Secrets are like cancers that eat away from inside you. The love of an honest girl is hard to come by, so if she makes a mistake let her off the hook from time to time.  After all, no one is perfect. Even you with all your qualities, you are not a picture of perfection.
  3. If she puts an importance in your interests. If your girl puts importance on your hobbies and interests, you just got yourself a good girl on your hands. She doesn't have to like rock climbing if you are into that thing, but it would be great if she made you a sandwich for your trip.
  4. Gifts. If she gives you a gift from time to time then your girl is great. This means your girl is into you totally. It also means she can take care of herself.  Tell your girl thank you all the time you receive a gift. This just keeps the gift bag rolling.
  5. If she gives you freedom then she probably is the one. Check if she feels she is entitled to your time. If she does then it might be time to set your eyes on a worthier price. A good girlfriend love and trusts you. She understands that even though she is important to you, you also have other responsibilities in life.

If she has all this traits then you are a lucky man. If you don't check off everything in the list, it is okay. Some girlfriends can grow to the perfect girlfriend for you. There is only one essential ingredient in a good girlfriend and that isn't legs (although having that doesn't hurt). If she loves you, then that should be enough reason to consider her a good girlfriend.


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