How To Be a Good Maid of Honor

Being chosen as the maid of honor is a great honor indeed. Usually the sister or best friend of the bride, the maid of honor serves as the bride’s right hand through the whole process of wedding preparations. The maid of honor also sees to it that everything is perfect on the bride’s wedding day. She is the bride’s most trusted confidant, a key contact person, and assistant wedding organizer. To perform your duties well and to help create the most memorable wedding for the bride, read on and learn how to be a good maid of honor. 

  1. Help the bride find the perfect wedding ensemble. First things first—the gown. Since the maid of honor is someone who knows the bride very well, she should always be with the bride when she goes out to fit wedding gowns. This may take more than one trip to bridal shops and boutiques particularly if the bride is not easily satisfied with the selections. Do make it easier for the bride by pointing out to her which gowns look great on her and which ones don’t. Be patient and take note of styles that she likes and certain specifications that she wants on a gown. Help her ask around for gowns in her size and those that would match her tastes. Advice her on what could be done if she wants some kind of alterations made for the gown. Only when you have helped her land the perfect wedding gown of her choice would you be able to move on and help her match the right shoes, bag,  accessories, and even lingerie.
  2. Be the go-to person and always be dependable. As the maid of honor, it is understood that the bride will expect you to help her out with the preparations. She will also depend on you for second opinions—her outfit, hair and make-up, bridesmaids dresses, wedding invitations, menu, cake tasting, music, wedding registry, seat plans, photographers, wedding favors, rehearsal dinner, program, etc. Make yourself available to accommodate the bride’s needs. If guests and other key people cannot contact the bride, you’re one of those they should contact next. You speak on behalf of the bride. You may even need to intervene if there are minor problems with the plans, and conflicts with family, friends, or guests and the bride. Do whatever you can to smooth glitches. Be responsible and don’t do anything that would compromise the trust the bride has for you. Remember that you have a very important role in the wedding and that the bride needs you to make sure that everything will go well.
  3. Plan an awesome bachelorette party and bridal shower. Sometimes, the mother of the bride is in charge of the bridal shower. But bachelorette parties all depend on the maid of honor. Start by asking the bride if she likes to have any input or would like to leave things up to you. If it’s the latter, you have the liberty of including lots of surprises for the bride. Just remember to stick to the boundaries of what’s appropriate for the bride’s tastes. Never include anything that might make her uncomfortable or upset. Enlist the help of some trustworthy bridesmaids or friends. They might add something that can make the party more fun and memorable.
  4. Put up a strong and confident façade for the bride. No one but the bride and wedding planner or maid of honor knows how stressful it is to put up a perfect wedding. Problems, conflicts, and stress may take its toll on the bride, and she will also depend on you emotionally. Always maintain a positive attitude and be a source of strength and confidence for the bride. Encourage and praise her for all the great things you have done together.
  5. Prepare a memorable speech. After the best man, you might be called upon to make a toast or give a speech. A well-prepared speech is better, and you can add something impromptu when you’re already on the spotlight. You can make it funny and interesting in creative ways like reciting a meaningful poem or singing a special song. But always make sure that what you’re going to say is still appropriate for the bride, groom, and guests to hear. Do not let anything too personal, hurtful, and even embarrassing slip from your tongue. What’s important is that your personal message should come from the heart.

A good maid of honor is one of a bride’s pride and joy on her wedding day. As maid of honor, you are privy to the bride’s secrets and wedding plans. The greatest gift you can give to the bride is to do all your duties well, and make sure everything is perfect on her special day. She will surely remember you for it.


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