How To Be a Good Step-Father

A Parent Means the World to a Child's Life

Father conversing with his son

Becoming a first time father is hard enough, but being a step-father can seem even harder. As a step-father you take the chance to either deal with the drama from the biological father or take responsibility for the child, making all blames on you if something happens to the child. Being a father to another man's child is actually easier than most people think – especially if the child's real father doesn't want anything to do with his own flesh and blood. Here are some tips that can help you be a better step-father even if you are a first time step-parent.

Step 1

Love the child as your own. Remember that whatever happens between you and the biological father, it is very important that the child is loved. If you take the time to love the child as your own, he will respond to you in a positive way.

Step 2

Take the time to know the child's habits. You do not want the child to look at you as if you are trying too hard to be his father. Make sure to know as much as you can about the child.

Step 3

Spend some time with the child. This is vital if the child's biological father does not want anything to do with his own son or daughter. Keep in mind that it takes a real man to be a child's father. Do what you can to show the child that they are not alone.

Step 4

Do not treat them any different from your own child. Do not spoil them because you feel sorry for them or mistreat them because you either do not like the child's father or because he or she is not of your blood.

Step 5

Show interest in everything that they do. Most parents do not show interest in what their child wants to do, causing the child to feel as if no one cares – this is vital if the child is a teen.

Step 6

Teach them what you know. Let him or her know that they are your child even though there are not. Teach them everything you know so that they know that if they need help with something, they can count on you to help them.

Step 7

Do not try to replace their biological father – assuming that he is still around.

Step 8

Show patience towards them getting used to your ways, or you to theirs. You do not want to destroy their confidence.

If you follow these tips you will be a great step-father. Keep in mind that a child is not responsible for you becoming their step-parent; but you are responsible for that child if you are planning to be with the child's mother. If you do the best that you can, over time the child will consider you more of a father than his biological father – trust me, I know!


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