How To Be a Good Wingman

A good night out is always fun if you have a great wingman to have as a partner and not just as a sidekick. A wingman’s basic duty is to act as a support to a friend who is about to make a hit on a girl. A fun party night will never be complete if one doesn’t hook up with a girl. But what encompasses a good wingman?  What should a good wingman do to make himself more useful to his friend?

These are some steps to be one of the best wingmen in your friend’s circle:

  1. Keep a sharp eye out for good women. Remember the mission for the night is to find your buddy a girl to hook up with. You should never outdo him. If you happen to see a girl that meets your eyes then go for it, let your friend be the one to make the first go on the girl.
  2. Be able to keep your friend as presentable as ever. Make it a point to keep your friend in check every now and then. Try to keep him from drinking too much as this might make him drunk. A drunken guy will never get hooked up with a beautiful girl at any time. Make sure that you guys understand each other. For your friend to have chosen you as a wingman means that he trusts you.
  3. Determine who to block as interference when your friend is making the move. If other guys move in, try to deflect them so that your pal can claim his spot. Other times, the girls’ companions have to be headed off when they try to reclaim the attention of their friend. Blocking interference also means knowing when the conversation is going somewhere. If not, get your friends attention and tell him it’s a hopeless case.
  4. Act assertively if possible. You as the wingman must be able to make certain sacrifices for your friend. If a group of girls happen to be near you, be assertive and not afraid that you will get shot down. No matter the embarrassment, this will give your friend the chance to butt in and make his own style. Acting assertively also means uplifting the stories of your buddy. Try to insert certain stories that will make an impression of your friend’s activities and deeds. This makes him more the hero and you as a second in line sidekick.
  5. Be a constant pump up machine. Never get your friend feel too sorry if he does not get the girl immediately. Some girls play it hard to get. Pump him up and give him the boost of confidence that will make him pursue his goal further!  A good wingman never gives up on his friend.

A good wingman should consider these steps to be the best. In some cases, try not to be more dressed up than your pal. Let him be the king and you as just a prince. This way you will not outshine him and will let you perform the best wingman duties possible. Who knows?  In time maybe you will be the one needing the wingman partner and your friend will be just as willing to be the best there can be.


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