How To Be a Great Bridesmaid

Your friend is getting married, and you've been asked to be in the wedding party. You say yes, of course. But do you really know what you're agreeing to? Bridesmaids have several responsibilities. And there are tons of ways that they will be needed to support brides throughout the wedding and planning process. Here are some tips to help you be a great bridesmaid.

Step 1

Know what you're responsible for. To be a good bridesmaid, you need to know what is expected of you. First of all, you'll play an important role in planning the stag and doe (if there is going to be one) as well as the bridal shower and the bachelorette party. You will be required to purchase a dress of the bride's choosing, and you'll be responsible for all expenses associated with getting yourself dolled up for the wedding day (including hair, makeup, nails, shoes, and jewelry.) If you agree to be a bridesmaid, there will be some out-of-pocket expenses as well as a huge time commitment for you, but it will be well worth it, since you'll be supporting your friend on the most important day of her life.

Step 2

Be available for whatever the bride needs. All brides are not made equal. Some brides prefer to do all the wedding planning by themselves, so the task of being a great bridesmaid is really quite easy. On the other hand, some brides can be quite demanding of your time. You may be required to attend cake tastings, flower consultations, dress fittings, and so on. Any part of the wedding that requires decision making may require your presence, according to the bride. To be a great bridesmaid, you must attend to these outings in the highest of spirits. Be helpful and not a hindrance to the bride by showing up on time and accomplishing your responsibilities as asked of you. Bring a positive attitude, no matter how demanding the bride.

Step 3

Do whatever is required of you on the big day. When the wedding day arrives, you are going to be the bride's #1 support system. Think of yourself as a therapist, a comrade and a cheerleader on the wedding day. You'll have to be there for the bride, helping with small tasks so that her day runs smoothly. See that vendors have arrived and have everything they need. Help quests with seating and the guest book. And deal with any unruly guests to prevent any scenes. A great bridesmaid also takes care of small problems (or big crises) so that little worry, if any, falls to the bride.

Step 4

Clean up afterwards. As a final display of support for your friend, help to clean up the wedding reception when it's over. It will be a late night, but your girlfriend will be forever grateful to have such a great bridesmaid like you.


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