How To Be a Great Christian Wife

A Christian wife is someone who has a close relationship to God. She is full of faith and always ready to give her life for the ministry. However, being a great wife doesn't end there. A wife has some duties and responsibilities to her husband. If you want your relationship to grow, you should work hand in hand. For you to fulfill your role as a great Christian wife, here are the things you must follow:

  1. Be a trustworthy wife. A man always longs for an honest wife. Someone he can totally trust in situation they are in. Being trustworthy doesn't only mean being truthful in your relationship. It also covers the essence of being supportive despite your husband's failure. Accept the fact that your man is just a human being, and that he tends to commit mistakes and makes wrong decisions in life. However, the important thing is you are always beside him. Make him realize that you still love him despite the difficult times he is experiencing. By showing your genuine love, he gains self-reliance and confidence that you are more willing to stay with him no matter how hard the situation is. Hence, his trust in you will get stronger as you build a strong marriage life.
  2. Surrender your life to God. Being a Christian wife requires a strong faith to the Almighty. Like what the Bible says, "In every strength of a man, there's a woman behind it". If you want to be a great Christian wife learn to surrender everything to God. Develop Christian characters that will mold you in being a good wife to your husband. You can ask your spouse to devote time for prayer. Encourage him to lead a Bible study in your house. It can be during weekends, when everybody is at home or during early morning where you prioritize God before starting the day. You can pray together or alone in your own room. The essential part is you pray for each other; plead for your children and commune for your relationship as husband and wife. A great wife will always push her man to what is right in God's eyes.
  3. Always care for your husband. As a wife you should take care of your man or else you will find him in a compromising direction. They always seek for someone who will look after their needs, a wife that will prepare their breakfast every morning and one who will always arrange their things before going to work. One of your concerns is to make sure that the needs of your husband are provided. You will only know what his demands are until you get to know him more. You have to communicate with your spouse about his demands and commitments. Doing so will help you establish a good relationship with your man. He will be aware that you are always ready to provide his requests.
  4. Be innovative and productive. How would you like to hear your husband bragging of your ability to all his friends and office mates? It might be your talent in cooking, singing, or ways on how you make his day special. Whatever these talents are, one thing is for sure, your husband loves the way you make things special for him. So to make your relationship more exciting, you should explore more creative ways on how to make your man happy.

If you truly love your spouse, being a great Christian wife is not a hard task. Men at all times look for a great woman. Therefore, you should always strive to be one. You are not just being a good wife to your husband but at the same time, you are showing what a true Christian wife should be.


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