How To Be a Great Girlfriend

We all want to be in a good romantic relationship, and for those of us who want a serious relationship, we want guarantees from our partners. So if you are a woman who wants a great boyfriend, how will you guarantee that you are also the best girlfriend and no one else is out there who can take your place? Here are some insights on how to be a great girlfriend:

Love yourself. They say that no one else can love you more than yourself. If you do that, then you will not let others treat you any less. Self-respect will also follow, and in turn, your man will respect you. Men want their girlfriends to be worthy of love and respect, and that all starts with you.

Be independent financially and emotionally. Men do not want dependent women who cannot function without them. It is okay to seek comfort and moral support from your man, but if you cannot make your own decisions and buy your own things, then you have a problem. You should be able to live your life normally even if your man is away for long periods of time. It is okay to long for him, he definitely wants that, but calling him and telling him how much you miss him thirty minutes after he left, and every hour after that, will send him out the door permanently.

Never nag. No one wants a nag for a partner, even women do not want their boyfriends to repeat every mistake they made in the past. If you want to express your thoughts, do so in a kind and loving way, no matter how negative the message may be. There is always a nicer way of saying things. Also make a fast assessment of the situation. If you think arguing at the moment will only complicate things, then wait until your heads have cooled down, and then bring up the subject calmly, without being too critical or demeaning. Men want women with opinions, but not naggers.

Always stay beautiful and sexy. This means that whatever is “beautiful” and “sexy” for your partner’s eyes, what made him see you in the first place, make sure to maintain that. If he believes your big arms are sexy, do not try to trim it down because that’s what the magazines say is sexy. Always maintain a positive attitude, and keep yourself healthy. This makes you glow from the inside, and your man will definitely see it in you even without make up.

Be sexually attractive. There is no romance without a sexual aspect. It does not mean you need to give sex all the time, but this means you are desirable to your man. Be open to new ideas and talk about your preferences. Nothing is more exciting than talking about what you both want in bed, planning on it and executing it together. Being sexually attractive will keep your man wanting more of you.

Of course, you have to love your man in the same way you want him to love you.


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